At first glance or bite, dates and olive oil do not really have much in common. But behind the scenes, we at Nara & OEL are waving an unmissable flag. The flag of our shared values.


A few years ago, our companies both grew out of family structures to produce and market humanity’s oldest agricultural products (olives and olive oil since 4000 BC, dates since 5000 BC) and we have always been committed to unconditional transparency. This transparency is our opportunity to jump on a noticeably longer train of consciousness and to make a sustainable contribution to changing eating habits. Together we are certified organic, natural, single-origin, fair trade, responsible, young, and dynamic. We are worth trying.


We hope to have made you curious. Here, we allow our partnership to flourish with a joint recipe.


Tomato-date marmalade with burrata/mozzarella


Ingredients for 4 people:


  1. Burrata/ Mozzarella

100g   Nara dates

250g   whole peeled tomatoes

200g   fresh tomatoes (ideally different varieties)

50g     pine nuts

  1. lemon (unwaxed)

50ml   OEL

8         Sprigs of mint




Step 1/7


Cut the stoned dates into small cubes.


Step 2/7


Boil down the peeled tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and dates together in a pot


Step 3/7


Roast the pine nuts in a preheated oven at 160 ° C for 10 minutes


Step 4/7


Remove the zest from the lemon and cut into thin strips


Step 5/7


Add the OEL to the tomato-date reduction and add salt and pepper to taste


Step 6/7


Cut the mint into thin strips


Step 7/7


Spoon the tomato-date marmalade onto a plate, place the burrata/mozzarella on top, then garnish with the lemon zest, mint, and pine nuts. Drizzle with OEL as needed.


Step 8/7


Send us your feedback about how good it was.


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