The tree of OEL

The tree of OEL


Terrence Malick, born 30 November 1943 in Ottawa, Illinois, is an American screenwriter, director, film producer, and above all a philosopher. Despite countless awards, Malick is not considered part of the glossy film world. He is much more considered an outsider. As someone who has committed himself to Heidegger translations and who has completely refused to accept the conventions of standard-length narrative cinema.


His 2011 work “The Tree of Life” was recognized with several Oscar nominations and the “Golden Palm” award at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, it has been admired by audiences worldwide, including by us.


Taking on the big themes of upbringing, experience, temptation, shame, guilt, nature, and the confrontation with one’s own transience, Malick tells the life story of a man across the past and the present. His constant companion is the question of the meaning of life.


This is a question that everyone has asked themselves at least once and will again. That includes us. OEL is probably our answer when asking ourselves this question. During the past harvest, we made a film, “Tree of OEL”, allowing ourselves a reference to Malick’s work. Within the modest scope of our possibilities, we have produced “Tree of OEL” and present it to you now for the first time.


Check it out!


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