Über Thalassa

We produce and import high quality food from the Mediterranean Sea. Fair and healthy.

How it all began…

Our wild story begins with two guys from Berlin.
After the end of a seemingly endless school time, they strive straight for world domination and the Nobel Prize. but first make ends meet as waiters, Christmas tree vendors, bartenders, water filter representatives, bakers, nature conservation workers, construction workers and backpackers.
In 2015 they finally come up with the most obvious thing: they become olive oil producers.

Amadeus working with a chainsaw in the canopy of an olive tree.

One of them, Amadeus, has roots in Greece, and there happen to be a few of the family's trees still standing around. So the strange idea becomes reality just like that.

A short time later, Simone, a guy from Rome, joins the group with knowledge of theology, poetry, art, and tattooing.
Before they know it, a company has been founded, land has been bought, a trademark has been registered, licenses have been acquired and the first taxes have been paid.

OEL is born and immediately picks up speed.

In 2020, Clara joins the company with a cool head, humor and an extra portion of expertise.

Picture above: Amadeus in the tree

2022: The brands get a common umbrella under the name:

Thalassa - (θαλασσα - the sea).

Who we are today

Ideas and the thirst for action keeps flowing introducing new products such as olives, gin and soap joining the oil. The brand family is also growing. Today it consists of OEL, A! and ZOE.
In 2022, these brands are brought together
under the name Thalassa.

And because the passion for and interest in the "green gold" has shot through the roof, the workload and our team is growing too.


tzamouranis familie

Thalassa consists of the brands OEL, A! and ZOE.

Thalassa comes form Berlin and Kalamata.

Thalassa stands for quality, transparency and fairness.

Thalassa is Amadeus, Clara and Simone* as well as Meike and Judy


Picture above: 3 generations of the Tzamouranis family - Amadeus, father Dimitris and grandpa Sotiris

What is important to us

Fairness and sustainability
are the cornerstones of our entrepreneurial thinking and the driving force behind our work. And we mean that in a broad sense: Starting with our corporate structures, the farmers and producers we work with, to the land they work.

When growing, harvesting and processing our products, we try to protect the environment, which for us includes people, animals and plants.
In concrete terms, this means, for example, no industrial agriculture or harvest, fair wages and salaries.
Where we do not grow and produce ourselves, we know the farmers, producers and production facilities personally and keep in close contact with them.
>>»You can find out more about the harvest for our olive oils here.

We want our products to benefit everyone, not just consumers (or ourselves). It is therefore particularly important to us to keep an eye on the entire production and supply chain and to provide transparent information about it.
We have close, partly family ties to the regions of origin of our products and we would like to give something back to the region.
>>You can find out more about our social commitment here.

We also follow the approach of not wasting any unnecessary resources and keeping the burden on the environment as small as possible in our online shop. We guarantee completely plastic-free shipping.
Currently we still use plastic for the spouts of our canisters and unfortunately still in the form of foil for long-distance transport of pallet shipments.
You will soon find out more about our concepts for sustainable production in our >>Blog.

E il naufragar m'è dolce in questo mare.

Infinito, Giacomo Leopardi .

Who shouldn't be forgotten in the whole story

Introducing: Anthoula Tzamouranis. The grandmother who has made everything possible. Thanks to her very own olives and her very own contacts with even more olives, a flimsy idea has become reality in the blink of an eye. Always busy keeping the clan together and taking care of everyone, she still has the leisure to show the youngsters how to harvest.

Choosing her portrait as the emblem of the OEL brand is thanksgiving, homage and reflection upon immortal values.

Grandmother Anthoula in the olive grove.

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