About Tha­las­sa

We pro­du­ce and import high qua­li­ty food from the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Sea. Fair and healthy.

How it all began…

Our sto­ry begins with two eager young Ber­li­ners, Ama­de­us and Marc.
After finis­hing school, they aim for the stars and shoot for the moon, but first make ends meet as wai­ters, Christ­mas tree ven­dors, bar­ten­ders, water fil­ter repre­sen­ta­ti­ves, bakers, natu­re con­ser­va­ti­on workers, con­struc­tion workers and backpackers.
In 2015 they final­ly come up with the most obvious thing: they beco­me oli­ve oil producers.

As Ama­de­us has roots in Greece and a few fami­ly trees still stan­ding around the­re, the fixed idea quick­ly beco­mes a reality. 

A short time later, the Roman Simo­ne joins them both with know­ledge of theo­lo­gy, poe­try, art and tattooing. 
Befo­re the three of them know it, a com­pa­ny has been foun­ded, land bought, a trade­mark regis­tered, licen­ses acqui­red and the first taxes paid.

OEL is born and immedia­te­ly picks up speed.

In 2020, Cla­ra joins the com­pa­ny with a cool head, humor and an extra por­ti­on of expertise.

2022: The brands get a com­mon umbrel­la under the name:

Tha­las­sa — (θαλασσα — the sea).

Who we are today

Ide­as and the thirst for action keeps flowing intro­du­cing new pro­ducts such as olives, gin and soap joi­ning the oil. The brand fami­ly is also gro­wing. Today it con­sists of OEL, A! and ZOE.
In 2022, the­se brands are brought tog­e­ther
under the name Thalassa.

And becau­se the pas­si­on for and inte­rest in the “green gold” has shot through the roof, the workload and our team is gro­wing too.


Tha­las­sa con­sists of the brands OEL, A! and ZOE.

Tha­las­sa comes form Ber­lin and Kalamata.

Tha­las­sa stands for qua­li­ty, trans­pa­ren­cy and fairness.

Tha­las­sa are Ama­de­us, Cla­ra and Simo­ne* as well as Mili­ca, Mei­ke and Judy

*that’s the guy in the front…

What is important to us

Fair­ness and sustainability
are the cor­ner­stones of our entre­pre­neu­ri­al thin­king and the dri­ving for­ce behind our work. And we mean that in a broad sen­se: Star­ting with our cor­po­ra­te struc­tures, the far­mers and pro­du­cers we work with, to the land they work.

When gro­wing, har­ve­s­ting and pro­ces­sing our pro­ducts, we try to pro­tect the envi­ron­ment, which for us inclu­des peop­le, ani­mals and plants.
In con­cre­te terms, this means, for examp­le, no indus­tri­al agri­cul­tu­re or har­vest, fair wages and salaries.
Whe­re we do not grow and pro­du­ce our­sel­ves, we know the far­mers, pro­du­cers and pro­duc­tion faci­li­ties per­so­nal­ly and keep in clo­se con­ta­ct with them.
»»You can find out more about the har­vest for our oli­ve oils here.

We want our pro­ducts to bene­fit ever­yo­ne, not just con­su­mers (or our­sel­ves). It is the­re­fo­re par­ti­cu­lar­ly important to us to keep an eye on the ent­i­re pro­duc­tion and sup­ply chain and to pro­vi­de trans­pa­rent infor­ma­ti­on about it.
We have clo­se, part­ly fami­ly ties to the regi­ons of ori­gin of our pro­ducts and we would like to give some­thing back to the region.
»You can find out more about our social com­mit­ment here.

We also fol­low the approach of not was­ting any unne­cessa­ry resour­ces and kee­ping the bur­den on the envi­ron­ment as small as pos­si­ble in our online shop. We gua­ran­tee com­ple­te­ly plastic-free shipping.
Cur­r­ent­ly we still use plastic for the spouts of our canis­ters and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly still in the form of foil for long-distance trans­port of pal­let shipments.
You will soon find out more about our con­cepts for sus­tainab­le pro­duc­tion in our »Blog.

E il nauf­ra­gar m’è dol­ce in ques­to mare.

Infi­ni­to, Gia­co­mo Leopardi .

Who should­n’t be for­got­ten in the who­le story

Intro­du­cing: Ant­hou­la Tza­mou­ra­nis. The grand­mo­ther who has made ever­ything pos­si­ble. Thanks to her very own olives and her very own con­ta­cts with even more olives, a flim­sy idea has beco­me rea­li­ty in the blink of an eye. Always busy kee­ping the clan tog­e­ther and taking care of ever­yo­ne, she still has the leisu­re to show the youngs­ters how to har­vest.

Choo­sing her por­trait as the emblem of the OEL brand is thanks­gi­ving, homage and reflec­tion upon immor­tal values.

Grandmother Anthoula in the olive grove.

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