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Reci­pe from Ceci­le Vadas

Here, we are hap­py to pre­sent our col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Ceci­le: she will be deve­lo­ping won­der­ful OEL reci­pes for our Jour­no­el in the com­ing mon­ths. Ceci­le was born in Aus­tra­lia and now lives in Ber­lin whe­re she is a desi­gner for Berlin’s restau­rant sec­tor and a reci­pe creator. You can see more of her work at Ceci​le​va​das​.com and […]


Ever­ything is new: inclu­ding the pho­to­gra­phy, of cour­se. We thank our new pho­to­graph­ers Paul Aidan Per­ry and Anna Boett­ke from the bot­tom of our hearts. No other words are needed:

Plastic-free online shop

Qua­li­ty has many facets. For us, qua­li­ty isn’t just about what’s on the insi­de but also what’s on the out­side. We are asking our­sel­ves more and more how we want to deal with issu­es such as resour­ces, sus­taina­bi­li­ty, and our own respon­si­bi­li­ty in the­se are­as. And that does­n’t mean that we haven’t alrea­dy taken action, […]

Respon­ses to the sur­vey in the most recent Journoel

We’d like to thank you again: for the keen par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in our first sur­vey. It real­ly hel­ped us and, abo­ve all, vali­da­ted us. We’d like to take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to react to your opi­ni­ons: We can only say: ama­zing. We’ll con­ti­nue rough­ly as befo­re. Many thanks. You told us that you’d like to learn more about: ‘‘More […]

Jour­nO­EL V

Dear sub­scri­bers, With the­se intro­duc­to­ry words, we her­eby open the doors to our Jour­no­el V. and extend a warm wel­co­me to you. Wel­co­me to the ever-gro­wing cir­cle of loy­al sup­por­ters of OEL. You have been fol­lowing our deve­lo­p­ment over the past few years and in some cases living through it. Becau­se growth and deve­lo­p­ment are dou­­ble-edged swords and […]

Guest arti­cle about the harvest

The dress code is casu­al, some­thing bet­ween cow­boy and roofer. We’re mee­ting at 5:30 in Ber­lin Schö­ne­feld Air­port, plea­se don’t bring too much lug­ga­ge, ever­ything will get dir­ty any­way, we’ll also have three bags of film equip­ment, which won’t all fit under Simone’s seat. At the gate, two rounds of dou­ble espres­so. Alt­hough I’ve been friends […]

New har­vest

How to intro­du­ce this or other Jour­no­el chap­ters without using phra­ses such as “actual­ly”, “nor­mal­ly”, or “under the­se cir­cum­s­tan­ces” and thus ine­vi­ta­b­ly tou­ch­ing on the sub­ject of the coro­na pan­de­mic? It seems impos­si­ble. Right now, we find cir­cum­ven­ting the coro­na topic to be more exhaus­ting than the actu­al pan­de­mic. And yet we are making the […]


Order OEL and recei­ve OST­MOST — this cam­pai­gn has been run­ning in our online shop for a few weeks and will con­ti­nue for as long as stocks last. But how did this com­bi­na­ti­on come about? What is “Ost­most”? To ans­wer the­se legi­ti­ma­te ques­ti­ons, we must take you by the hand and lead you to a mea­dow. An […]

Chil­led cucum­ber soup with wild herb pesto

by Alex­an­der Bro­sin  Ingre­dients: Soup:100 g pota­toes (orga­nic — Lin­da) 250 g cucum­ber40 ml OEL10 ml apple cider vine­garSalt, pep­per, sugar  Gar­nish:60 g radis­hes60 g green aspa­ra­gus60 g cucum­ber  Wild herb pes­to:10 g old bread30 g wild herbs (alter­na­tively pars­ley, aru­gu­la, spi­n­ach) 4 g capers15–20 ml OEL1 lemon­Fo­rest, wild, and mea­dow herbs for gar­nish  Step 1|7 Wash, peel, and chop the pota­toes and boil in sal­ted water until ten­der. In the […]

Bird deaths

The mil­li­ons of deaths of hund­reds of song­bird spe­ci­es during the oli­ve har­vest each year is a sub­ject of gro­wing public awa­reness. Like many of you, we were bare­ly awa­re of it. Our distance from such events, both geo­gra­phi­cal­ly and in terms of con­tent, is too gre­at.  Many cus­to­mers, part­ners, friends, and rela­ti­ves have drawn our attention […]

Toma­to-date mar­mala­de with burrata/​mozzarella

At first glance or bite, dates and oli­ve oil do not real­ly have much in com­mon. But behind the sce­nes, we at Nara & OEL are waving an unmis­s­able flag. The flag of our shared values.  A few years ago, our com­pa­nies both grew out of fami­ly struc­tures to pro­du­ce and mar­ket humanity’s oldest agri­cul­tu­ral products […]


It gives us gre­at plea­su­re to intro­du­ce our friends and part­ners at Nara Food! In the past, we have shared a num­ber of cra­zi­ly full tra­de fairs and inde­scri­bab­ly bad fil­ter cof­fees, and are hap­py to offi­cial­ly join for­ces after all the­se years.  We would pro­bab­ly stop if we began to list what unites us, so we […]