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Chil­led cucum­ber soup with wild herb pesto

by Alex­an­der Brosin 


100 g pota­toes (orga­nic — Lin­da) 250 g cucum­ber
40 ml OEL
10 ml apple cider vine­gar
Salt, pep­per, sugar 

60 g radis­hes
60 g green aspa­ra­gus
60 g cucumber 

Wild herb pes­to:
10 g old bread
30 g wild herbs (alter­na­tively pars­ley, aru­gu­la, spi­n­ach) 4 g capers
15–20 ml OEL
1 lemon
Forest, wild, and mea­dow herbs for garnish 

Step 1|7

Wash, peel, and chop the pota­toes and boil in sal­ted water until ten­der.

In the mean­ti­me, peel the cucum­bers, soak the bread for the pes­to in a litt­le water, and finely pluck the herbs. 

Step 2|7

When the pota­toes are ten­der, remo­ve from the heat and let them cool
(20–30 minu­tes). In the mean­ti­me, wash the radis­hes, green aspa­ra­gus and pee­led cucum­ber and cut into fine cubes or sticks as desired. 

Step 3|7

Blanch the green aspa­ra­gus very brief­ly (10–20 seconds) in boi­ling sal­ted water and then immedia­te­ly rin­se in cold water. The cucum­ber and radis­hes remain raw. When the aspa­ra­gus is coo­led, it can be mixed with the radis­hes and cucum­ber and set aside. 

Step 4|7

Now chop the rest of the cucum­ber, put it in a blen­der with the pota­toes, mix finely with a litt­le coo­king water from the pota­toes, apple cider vine­gar, sugar and OEL. If necessa­ry, sea­son again with a litt­le salt, pep­per, and sugar. 

Step 5|7

When the soup is well sea­so­ned (it should tas­te fresh and sweet and sour) and the OEL and the pota­toes have given it a crea­my cha­rac­ter, put it in the ref­ri­gera­tor or cool it down in a bowl with ice cubes. 

Step 6|7

Now pre­pa­re the wild herb pes­to. Put the soa­ked bread, wild herbs, capers, and OEL tog­e­ther in a blen­der and mix coar­se­ly. Sea­son to tas­te with salt, pep­per, a litt­le lemon juice, and lemon zest. 

Step 7|7

Ser­ving: Light­ly mari­na­te the vege­ta­ble gar­nish with OEL. Then pour the iced cucum­ber soup into bowls. Place the vege­ta­ble gar­nish in the cen­ter of the pla­te. Spread the wild herb pes­to around the gar­nish, add a few drops of OEL and deco­ra­te with a few wild herbs. 

Schritt 8|7

Let us know how it tur­ned out.

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