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“OEL Ber­lin. At first glance, the three men don’t have much in com­mon, apart from the head­ge­ar and the rug­ged beards. A Ber­li­ner, a half-Greek, and an Ita­li­an are the heads of the rela­tively young com­pa­ny that is pre­pa­ring to estab­lish its excel­lent orga­nic oli­ve oil from Greece in orga­nic mar­kets and restau­rants across Euro­pe. They are well on their way. They cur­r­ent­ly pro­du­ce around 100,000 liters of the green gold in orga­nic qua­li­ty. They owe that to their spi­rit of dis­co­very, their crea­ti­vi­ty, and to Grand­mo­ther Anthoula.”

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