Salmon marinated in OEL's 3 Gin with dill.

Reci­pe from Ceci­le Vadas

Here, we are hap­py to pre­sent our col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Ceci­le: she will be deve­lo­ping won­der­ful OEL reci­pes for our Jour­no­el in the com­ing months.

Ceci­le was born in Aus­tra­lia and now lives in Ber­lin whe­re she is a desi­gner for Berlin’s restau­rant sec­tor and a reci­pe creator. You can see more of her work at Ceci​le​va​das​.com and on Insta­gram.

Sal­mon in OEL’s 3 Gin and lemon juice with a mus­tard-caper aioli.


For the sal­mon:
1–1.5 kg sal­mon fil­let, skin­less
2 lemons, jui­ced + one cut into discs
1 cup of OEL’s 3 Gin
1 cup of dill, rough­ly chop­ped
6 tablespoons of natu­ral Hima­la­y­an salt
2 tablespoons of OEL­re­ga­no
1 tablespoon of who­le pep­per­corns
2 teas­poons of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of cara­way seeds

For the crou­tons:
3 sli­ces of whole­me­al sourdough bread
1/2 cup aio­li
1 tablespoon of mus­tard
1 1/2 tablespoons of sal­ted capers, rough­ly chop­ped
1/2 cucum­ber, thin­ly sli­ced with a pota­to pee­ler or man­do­lin
1 teas­poon of salt
1 tablespoon of white wine vine­gar
1 tablespoon of dill, rough­ly chop­ped (optio­nal)


Step 1|7

Care­ful­ly wash the sal­mon care­ful­ly, making sure that the­re are no sca­les left. Pat the sal­mon dry with a paper towel. Place the fil­let on a pie­ce of parch­ment paper, cove­r­ed with a long pie­ce of saran wrap that is at least twice the size of the sal­mon (this will pre­ser­ve the juices and pre­vent them from lea­king). Now place the bund­le on a lar­ge plat­ter big enough to hold the who­le salmon. 

Step 2|7

In a small bowl, mix tog­e­ther lemon juice, gin, dill, sugar, pep­per­corns, ore­ga­no, and cumin. As soon as the salt and sugar are emul­si­fied (after about 3–4 minu­tes of mixing or whis­king), care­ful­ly spread the mix­tu­re over the clean sur­face of the sal­mon. Make sure that the saran wrap cat­ches the liquid and that the mix­tu­re is even­ly dis­tri­bu­t­ed over the ent­i­re sur­face. Final­ly, add the lemon sli­ces and cover/​close the bund­le with the second half of the saran wrap. (So you should have a lar­ge par­cel cove­r­ed with the saran wrap). Place one or two hea­vy pots or pans on top and ref­ri­gera­te the packa­ge for 48 hours, flip­ping the sal­mon once every 24 hours.

Step 3|7

Remo­ve the sal­mon from the fri­dge, cut the lemon sli­ces and remo­ve the dill – it usual­ly loo­ks a litt­le wil­ted after the 48h. You can top the sal­mon with new dill to ser­ve. Then you can thin­ly sli­ce the salmon. 

Step 4|7

Grill or fry the bread sli­ces for a toas­ted tas­te. Then cut the sli­ces in half, place them on a plat­ter, and set them aside. 

Step 5|7

Whisk the aio­li, mus­tard, sal­ted capers, and dill tog­e­ther until combined.

Step 6|7

In ano­t­her small bowl, mix the cucum­ber sli­ces with salt, vine­gar, and dill.

Step 7|7

Spread a spoon­ful of aio­li on each sli­ce of bread and top with cucum­ber salad, sal­mon, and radish sli­ces (optio­nal). Sprink­le with sea salt and black pep­per and enjoy!

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