Marc wird von "Tastery" interviewt.


In the past five years, we have fil­led a few lines, pages, and hea­dings with our work, but we have never been so impres­sed with the result. The inter­view that now fol­lows — alt­hough we firm­ly agreed to it — could not have come at a more unsui­ta­ble time and yet could not have done more to help us under­stand ourselves. 

When we read the publis­hed inter­view some time later, we quick­ly deci­ded that it would be the begin­ning of a per­ma­nent sec­tion in our quar­ter­ly Jour­no­el. In doing so, we were dri­ven less by pre­dic­ta­ble vani­ty, but more by the con­vic­tion that we can always expe­ri­ence a won­der­ful redis­co­very by loo­king at our­sel­ves and our work from the per­spec­ti­ve of others. 

But enough words from our side. Plea­se read for yourself from our mee­ting with Gaby and Pia from “Tas­te­ry”:




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