Plakat des Kurzfilms "The Tree of OEL".

Tree of OEL

Ter­rence Malick, born 30 Novem­ber 1943 in Otta­wa, Illi­nois, is an Ame­ri­can screen­wri­ter, direc­tor, film pro­du­cer, and abo­ve all a phi­lo­so­pher. Des­pi­te count­less awards, Malick is not con­si­de­red part of the glos­sy film world. He is much more con­si­de­red an out­si­der. As someo­ne who has com­mit­ted hims­elf to Hei­deg­ger trans­la­ti­ons and who has com­ple­te­ly refu­sed to accept the con­ven­ti­ons of stan­dard-length nar­ra­ti­ve cinema. 

His 2011 work “The Tree of Life” was reco­gni­zed with several Oscar nomi­na­ti­ons and the “Gol­den Palm” award at the Can­nes Film Fes­ti­val. Sin­ce then, it has been admi­red by audi­en­ces world­wi­de. Inclu­ding by us. 

Taking on the big the­mes of upbrin­ging, expe­ri­ence, tempt­ati­on, shame, guilt, natu­re, and the con­fron­ta­ti­on with one’s own tran­si­en­ce, Malick tells the life sto­ry of a man across the past and the pre­sent. His con­stant com­pa­n­ion is the ques­ti­on of the mea­ning of life. 

This is a ques­ti­on that ever­yo­ne has asked them­sel­ves at least once and will again. That inclu­des us. OEL is pro­bab­ly our ans­wer when asking our­sel­ves this question.

During the past har­vest, we made a film, “Tree of OEL”, allowing our­sel­ves a refe­rence to Malick’s work. 

Wit­hin the modest scope of our pos­si­bi­li­ties, we have pro­du­ced “Tree of OEL” and pre­sent it to you now for the first time. 

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