Oel Products

OEL stands for 100% pure, self-produced, and extra virgin Koroneiki olive oil. For both its taste and nutritional content, the oil of the small green Koroneiki olive is renowned as one of the best in Greece and the world. 60% of all Greek olive trees are Koroneiki, testifying to this beloved cultivar’s dominance and popularity.

OEL’s olives grow and thrive exclusively on organically certified Koroneiki trees on our land in Meligalas, Kalamata, and Messenia in Greece.

The region’s climate and geography, with its mountains, sea, mineral-rich and chalky soil, sun, rain, and wind, work together to create an exceptional blend of robustness and serenity. The Koroneiki olive produces proof of this every year, tolerating temperatures from 40 °C to -10 °C to develop its unmistakably rich flavor. The Koroneiki is distinguished from other olives by the mild hints of citrus and nuts that culminate in our naturally cloudy, grass-green OEL.