A! 1000 ml


The 1000 ml canis­ter, fil­led with extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil. Pro­du­ced from 100% Koron­ei­ki olives from the com­mu­ni­ty-ten­ded gro­ves of the Anda­nia district.


Messenia, Greece, Kalamata, Meligalas

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Mehr Infor­ma­tio­nen

The brand “A!” stands for one hund­red per­cent extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil. Unli­ke OEL, A! is pro­du­ced collec­tively at non-bio-cer­ti­fied levels. This means that the Koron­ei­ki olives used come from com­mu­nal­ly ten­ded gro­ves around Anda­nia. The peop­le and far­mers of Anda­nia are uni­que­ly con­nec­ted to us and our oil mill, enab­ling us to car­ry a con­ven­tio­nal­ly pro­du­ced coun­ter­part to OEL.

You may have alrea­dy noti­ced: “A! as in Anda­nia!”. Some­thing that at first may sound like our own ver­si­on of the spel­ling alpha­bet is the mea­ning­ful con­nec­tion bet­ween our design and the place whe­re it all began. Our cen­ter of the world.

In Anda­nia you can find the most modern pro­ces­sing plant for raw olives in the who­le of Mes­s­i­nia — our pro­ces­sing plant, our so-cal­led oil mill. In short, five strong (and proud!) Greeks, two trac­tors, a 400-meter-long pro­duc­tion line — which pro­du­ces 12,000 kilo­grams per hour — 200 tons of cli­ni­cal­ly ste­ri­le stain­less steel, mil­li­ons of kilo­watts of self-gene­ra­ted solar power, hund­reds of thousands of liters of water spe­cial­ly fil­te­red for this pur­po­se, and a brand-new two-pha­se decan­ter make the liquid green gold flow like the rivers in anci­ent Babylon.

All the effort, mana­ged and stom­ped by a tiny com­mu­ni­ty in the midd­le of the vast­ness of the Pelo­pon­nese, ends up in our eggs­hell-colo­red canis­ter. A pro­duct made by the few for the many.

Announ­ce­ment: From the end of 2021, we would like the pro­ceeds from tra­ding A! to go back into pro­jects in the com­mu­ni­ty of Anda­nia and the sur­roun­ding area.

Three 1000ml A! canisters on a bed of olive branches.
Greek side of the 1000ml A! canister.

Ste­fan G. aus Hamburg

Tol­les Pro­dukt, schnel­le Lie­fe­rung. Sehr guter Kun­den­dients — auf Anfra­gen wird indi­vi­du­ell geant­wor­tet. Danke.

Orga­nic Certification

No Yes Yes

Kind of Olive

Koron­ei­ki Koron­ei­ki Koron­ei­ki

Qua­li­ty Class

Extra Vir­gin Extra Vir­gin Extra Vir­gin


From local far­mers in Andania From our own grove From our own grove

Matu­ri­ty Level 

Ripe Olives Unri­pe Olives (cal­led the “Ago­u­ré­leo”) Ripe and Unri­pe Olives

Har­ve­s­ting Method

Har­ve­s­ted with tools Hand-har­ve­s­ted Hand-har­ve­s­ted

Tree Age

Old and young
(30–400 years old)
Very old
(500‑1000 years old) 
Old and young
(30–400 years old)


0,5 % 0,19 % 0,35 %


Green-Yel­low Green Green-Yel­low

Pro­ces­sing Method

Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA) Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA) Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA)

Pro­duct Container 

White and white tin canister,
BPA free 
High qua­li­ty bot­t­le pro­du­ced by the com­pa­ny Mironglas,
Ultra Vio­let Glass
Black and white tin canister,
BPA free 


Part of the pro­ceeds will go back to social pro­jects in Greece  First extrac­tion of the year in the oil mill, 
High Poly­phe­nol content, 
Limi­ted edition, 
Artis­tic design by Dimi­tris Tzamouranis, 
Gift Box
Awar­ded twel­ve times at the most important oli­ve oil com­pe­ti­ti­ons in the world

Pur­po­se of Use

Coo­king, fry­ing, deep-frying Salads, dips, cold Dishes Salads, cold dis­hes, roasts, coo­king, dips