A! 1000 ml


The 1000 ml canis­ter, fil­led with extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil. Pro­du­ced from 100% Koron­ei­ki olives from the com­mu­ni­ty-ten­ded gro­ves of the Anda­nia district.


Messenia, Greece, Kalamata, Meligalas

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Mehr Informationen

The brand "A!" stands for one hundred percent extra virgin Koroneiki olive oil. Unlike OEL, A! is produced collectively at non-bio-certified levels. This means that the Koroneiki olives used come from communally tended groves around Andania. The people and farmers of Andania are uniquely connected to us and our oil mill, enabling us to carry a conventionally produced counterpart to OEL.

You may have already noticed: "A! as in Andania!". Something that at first may sound like our own version of the spelling alphabet is the meaningful connection between our design and the place where it all began. Our center of the world.

In Andania you can find the most modern processing plant for raw olives in the whole of Messinia - our processing plant, our so-called oil mill. In short, five strong (and proud!) Greeks, two tractors, a 400-meter-long production line - which produces 12,000 kilograms per hour - 200 tons of clinically sterile stainless steel, millions of kilowatts of self-generated solar power, hundreds of thousands of liters of water specially filtered for this purpose, and a brand-new two-phase decanter make the liquid green gold flow like the rivers in ancient Babylon.

All the effort, managed and stomped by a tiny community in the middle of the vastness of the Peloponnese, ends up in our eggshell-colored canister. A product made by the few for the many.

Announcement: From the end of 2021, we would like the proceeds from trading A! to go back into projects in the community of Andania and the surrounding area.

Three 1000ml A! canisters on a bed of olive branches.
Greek side of the 1000ml A! canister.

Orga­nic Certification

No Yes Yes

Kind of Olive

Koroneiki Koroneiki Koroneiki

Qua­li­ty Class

Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin


From local farmers in Andania From our own grove From our own grove

Matu­ri­ty Level 

Ripe Olives Unripe Olives (called the “Agouréleo”) Ripe and Unripe Olives

Har­ve­s­ting Method

Harvested with tools Hand-harvested Hand-harvested

Tree Age

Old and young
(30-400 years old)
Very old
(500-1000 years old)
Old and young
(30-400 years old)


0,5 % 0,19 % 0,35 %


Green-Yellow Green Green-Yellow

Pro­ces­sing Method

Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA)

Pro­duct Container 

White and white tin canister,
BPA free
High quality bottle produced by the company Mironglas,
Ultra Violet Glass
Black and white tin canister,
BPA free


Part of the proceeds will go back to social projects in Greece First extraction of the year in the oil mill,
High Polyphenol content,
Limited edition,
Artistic design by Dimitris Tzamouranis,
Gift Box
Awarded twelve times at the most important olive oil competitions in the world

Pur­po­se of Use

Cooking, frying, deep-frying Salads, dips, cold Dishes Salads, cold dishes, roasts, cooking, dips