A! Olives Mix 180 g


Mix of green olives and Kala­ma­ta olives, pick­led in spi­ces and brine:
Kala­ma­ta olives (26%), green olives (27%), water (42%), sea salt, vine­gar, extra vir­gin oli­ve oil, rose­ma­ry, thy­me, ore­ga­no — Not­hing else!
Vegan — without sugar — without pre­ser­va­ti­ves — without flavorings


Messenia, Greece, Kalamata, Meligalas

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Greek Olives in brine

A! Olives Mix, ano­t­her basic pro­duct of our A! pro­duct fami­ly, are pick­led olives from Greece.

Green olives from the Chal­ki­di­ki regi­on and dark Kala­ma­ta olives are refi­ned with rose­ma­ry, thy­me and ore­ga­no and pre­ser­ved in brine.

This Greek oli­ve deli­cacy is ide­al as a snack for an ape­ri­tif, as a spi­cy side dish to a meat dish and for coo­king (of pas­ta sau­ces, for example).
Our A! Olives are a natu­ral pro­duct without addi­ti­ves, pro­du­ced under the hig­hest qua­li­ty stan­dards in Greece.

Get a good pie­ce of Greece direct­ly on your plate!


Olives in brine

The tra­di­tio­nal pro­ces­sing of edi­ble olives con­sis­ted of han­ging the olives in the sea after har­ve­s­ting. Soa­king in salt water ser­ved then, as it does today, to defu­se the olives’ natu­ral bit­ter­ness. Fresh, unt­rea­ted olives are almost ine­di­ble. Oli­ve pro­ducts can only be enjoy­ed at all after exten­si­ve sto­rage in brine.

Important: The bit­ter­ness is nevertheless an important pro­of of the rich­ness of the oli­ve in terms of ingre­dients. It is pre­cise­ly the phe­nols and poly­phe­nols that pro­mo­te health and diges­ti­on that tas­te bit­ter. When pick­ling olives, it is important to balan­ce their fla­vor cha­rac­te­ris­tics and thus bring out the varie­ty of other natu­ral flavors.

In addi­ti­on, bri­ne is a pro­ven and wide­ly used means of food pre­ser­va­ti­on throughout the world. Sin­ce olives are har­ve­s­ted only once a year, but in lar­ge quan­ti­ties, it was important to pre­ser­ve this basic pro­duct of the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an diet for a long time.

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