OEL — Cock­tail Kit


For lovers of spe­cial flavours:
the cock­tail kit with OEL’s 3 Gin, green Chal­ki­di­ki olives and GinO­EL, the oli­ve oil we use to fla­vour our gin. GinO­EL has an inte­res­ting juni­per flavour.

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OEL’s Cock­tail Kit

Our Cock­tail Kit is the per­fect com­po­si­ti­on of fla­vours for all gin fans.
The beau­ti­ful stone­wa­re bot­t­le with our orga­nic OEL’s 3 Gin is com­bi­ned with the slight­ly bit­ter olives from Chal­ki­di­ki. The who­le thing is roun­ded off with a bot­t­le of gin OEL. This oli­ve oil is pro­du­ced during the pro­duc­tion of our gin. This aro­ma­tic oli­ve oil adds a spe­cial juni­per note to snacks and salads.

Our OEL’s 3 Gin is pro­du­ced in Kalamata/​Greece. Its spe­cia­li­ty is that on the one hand it has been fla­vou­red with mastic, a tree resin from the island of Chi­os, and on the other hand it is fla­vou­red with our orga­nic sin­gle-varie­tal extra vir­gin oli­ve oil OEL. This is done by mixing the gin and oil, always stir­ring slow­ly over a peri­od of time, and fil­te­ring out the oli­ve oil at the end.
This gives the gin a vel­ve­ty fresh aro­ma from the oil and the oil a spi­cy juni­per aro­ma from the gin.
The Cock­tail Kit com­bi­nes both products.

Bio Gin aromatisiert mit Olivenöl
GinOEL im Cocktail Kot

Inge­dri­ents in this Cock­tail Kit

Green OELives, 170 g: Green olives*, sea salt, vine­gar*, vir­gin oli­ve oil*, ore­ga­no*, garlic*.
*From con­trol­led orga­nic cultivation

GinO­EL, 100 ml : Orga­nic vir­gin oli­ve oil with juni­per aro­ma, 1% alcohol

OEL’s 3 Gin: Old Sport Gin from the fami­ly-run Cal­li­cou­nis distil­le­ry in Kala­ma­ta, juni­per, ange­li­ca root, rose­ma­ry, car­da­mom, cin­na­mon, nut­meg, vio­let root, liquo­ri­ce root, lemon peel, bit­ter oran­ge peel, cori­an­der seeds, mastic, OEL.