Lunch-Break Kit


Lunch-Break Kit with a discount
Gift for oli­ve fans and basic equip­ment for the healt­hy snack in the office
— Green oli­ve spread with almonds
— Orga­nic-oli­ve tape­na­de from Kala­ma­ta olives
— Mixed orga­nic olives: Kala­ma­ta and green Chal­ki­di­ki, pit­ted, mari­na­ted with herbs

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As a gift for olive fans or as a healthy lunch

Our products made from Greek olives are of raw food quality.
They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, secondary plant compounds and vitamins.
Our Kalamata olives and green olives from Chalkidiki are marinated in herbs. They can be enjoyed straight.
The olive pastes are suitable as a vegan spread or as a pesto with pasta.

Perfect for a quick yet healthy lunch break!

Our products from Greek olives

In the past, olives were processed by hand in Greece. The olives, sometimes harvested by the thousands, had to be laboriously washed, cleaned, scored, optionally pitted and finally pickled.

Today's processing plants automatically sort the olives according to variety and size. Conveyors take them to the wash. They are then put in large tanks and filled up with brine. The olives ferment in this brine for about six months.
Then the olives are selected and checked again.
Finally, we refine the olives with spices and fill them into jars without brine.

The process of pickling in brine, wine vinegar and/or olive oils served, then as now, to soften the natural bitterness of the olives. Only in this way are the olives edible at all. This is because the natural taste of an unprocessed olive is way to bitter to eat.

Good to know für alle Olivenfans

The bitterness of the olive, however, is an important indication of its richness in content.
This is because it is the phenols and polyphenols that are helpful for health and digestion that we perceive as bitter. The goal of pickling the olives is to balance these flavor properties and so to bring out the diversity of the other natural aromas.

OEL Berlin Award Signet

London International Table Olive Competition 2021

1x Bronze

Olivenpaste und Olivenöl


A! Green Olive Spread

Green Greek olives (90%), almonds, sunflower oil, acidity regulator (citric acid), herbs, sea salt, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Mixed OELives

Green Greek olives (48%)*, Kalamata olives from Greece (47%)*, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil (0.4%)*, oregano*, thyme*, rosemary*.

OEL Pesto

alamata olives from Greece (95%)*, sea salt, red wine vinegar*, extra virgin olive oil (0.25%)*, garlic*, oregano*.

*From controlled organic cultivation

Alles perfekt, schnelle Lieferung, plastikfreie Verpackung

Katrin s. aus Berlin

Mega lecker, schnelle Lieferung, absolut freundliche Beratung

Bestellung, Lieferung alles unkompliziert und schnell. Das Ol ist das beste und leckerste was ich seit langem probiert habe. Hammer 🌸