Lunch-Break Kit


Lunch-Break Kit with a discount
Gift for oli­ve fans and basic equip­ment for the healt­hy snack in the office
— Green oli­ve spread with almonds
— Orga­nic-oli­ve tape­na­de from Kala­ma­ta olives
— Mixed orga­nic olives: Kala­ma­ta and green Chal­ki­di­ki, pit­ted, mari­na­ted with herbs

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As a gift for oli­ve fans or as a healt­hy lunch

Our pro­ducts made from Greek olives are of raw food quality.
They are rich in unsa­tu­ra­ted fat­ty acids, anti­oxi­d­ants, secon­da­ry plant com­pounds and vitamins.
Our Kala­ma­ta olives and green olives from Chal­ki­di­ki are mari­na­ted in herbs. They can be enjoy­ed straight.
The oli­ve pas­tes are sui­ta­ble as a vegan spread or as a pes­to with pasta.

Per­fect for a quick yet healt­hy lunch break!

Our pro­ducts from Greek olives

In the past, olives were pro­ces­sed by hand in Greece. The olives, some­ti­mes har­ve­s­ted by the thousands, had to be labo­rious­ly was­hed, clea­ned, scored, optio­nal­ly pit­ted and final­ly pickled.

Today’s pro­ces­sing plants auto­ma­ti­cal­ly sort the olives accord­ing to varie­ty and size. Con­veyors take them to the wash. They are then put in lar­ge tanks and fil­led up with bri­ne. The olives fer­ment in this bri­ne for about six months.
Then the olives are selec­ted and che­cked again.
Final­ly, we refi­ne the olives with spi­ces and fill them into jars without brine.

The pro­cess of pick­ling in bri­ne, wine vine­gar and/​or oli­ve oils ser­ved, then as now, to sof­ten the natu­ral bit­ter­ness of the olives. Only in this way are the olives edi­ble at all. This is becau­se the natu­ral tas­te of an unpro­ces­sed oli­ve is way to bit­ter to eat.

Good to know für alle Olivenfans

The bit­ter­ness of the oli­ve, howe­ver, is an important indi­ca­ti­on of its rich­ness in content.
This is becau­se it is the phe­nols and poly­phe­nols that are hel­pful for health and diges­ti­on that we per­cei­ve as bit­ter. The goal of pick­ling the olives is to balan­ce the­se fla­vor pro­per­ties and so to bring out the diver­si­ty of the other natu­ral aromas.

OEL Berlin Award Signet

Lon­don Inter­na­tio­nal Table Oli­ve Com­pe­ti­ti­on 2021

1x Bron­ze


A! Green Oli­ve Spread

Green Greek olives (90%), almonds, sun­flower oil, aci­di­ty regu­la­tor (citric acid), herbs, sea salt, anti­oxi­dant (ascor­bic acid).

Mixed OELives

Green Greek olives (48%)*, Kala­ma­ta olives from Greece (47%)*, sea salt, extra vir­gin oli­ve oil (0.4%)*, ore­ga­no*, thy­me*, rosemary*.

OEL Pes­to

ala­ma­ta olives from Greece (95%)*, sea salt, red wine vine­gar*, extra vir­gin oli­ve oil (0.25%)*, gar­lic*, oregano*.

*From con­trol­led orga­nic cultivation

Alles per­fekt, schnel­le Lie­fe­rung, plas­tik­freie Verpackung

Kat­rin s. aus Berlin

Mega lecker, schnel­le Lie­fe­rung, abso­lut freund­li­che Beratung

Bestel­lung, Lie­fe­rung alles unkom­pli­ziert und schnell. Das Ol ist das bes­te und leckers­te was ich seit lan­gem pro­biert habe. Hammer 🌸