The gin gift box stands for its own ver­si­on of the ape­ri­tivo fami­li­ar from the last holi­day in Ita­ly. It inclu­des the fol­lowing orga­ni­cal­ly cer­ti­fied pro­ducts made by OEL:

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Our gin gift box...

is suitable for every conceivable drink, as well as a gift for connoisseurs or beginners. The protagonist of the box - our OEL's 3 Gin - convinces with the unique combination of its versatile flavors and its mildness. OEL's 3 Gin is the first of its kind in the world - a kind that is characterized by washing a gin with olive oil. But why did we do this? Quite simply, fats enhance flavors. And so we have developed a process in which our OEL and our gin are hand-stirred together for three days. Afterwards, both ingredients are separated from each other again and the flavored OEL's 3 Gin is bottled and packaged in our gin gift box.

A gin as a gift - but in a different way

Giving away liquor is not really new in itself. To ensure that the eyes of the recipient still bear witness to a successful surprise, we have developed the procedure described in detail. It ensures that our gin convinces with the said mildness and balance and a pleasantly soft mouthfeel. Almost as if the gin had a kind of texture that we like to describe as creamy or velvety.

Despite all the flavoring efforts ( which can be experienced most accurately undiluted ), it was important to us that our gin was easy to prepare and taste accordingly. And whether we succeeded in this can be determined quickly:

  • with the olives from the gin gift box and a dry light vermouth, it makes a wonderful "Dry Martini"
  • with a bottle of tonic water of your choice, nothing stands in the way of a refreshing "gin and tonic"
  • with the olives and the paste you can prepare a classic italian aperitivo
  • and for those who want the right drink for the aperitivo, the traditional "Negroni" only needs a bottle of Campari and a bottle of red vermouth

Gifts for gin lovers - the agony of choice

The seemingly never-ending gin hysteria is one man's curse and another man's blessing. The latter probably applies to all self-confessed gin lovers. Meanwhile, a well stocked retailer must grow to meet the growing curiosity of customers and the growing supply of gin producers to accommodate the thousands of bottles. Our gin and our gin gift box join in cheerfully, because "competition stimulates business".

Regardless of the fact that our flavoring process sets us apart from many existing brands and ideas, we are aware of what the competitive situation is. In fact, there is simply everything. However, a fact that is good for you. And maybe we've convinced you to try our OEL's 3 Gin next.

Gin Geschenk Set
Gin für Griechenlandfans
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Bio Gin mit Olivenöl aromatisiert
Gewürze des Gins