The gin gift box stands for its own ver­si­on of the ape­ri­tivo fami­li­ar from the last holi­day in Ita­ly. It inclu­des the fol­lowing orga­ni­cal­ly cer­ti­fied pro­ducts made by OEL:

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Our gin gift box…

is sui­ta­ble for every con­ceiva­ble drink, as well as a gift for con­nois­seurs or begin­ners. The prot­ago­nist of the box — our OEL’s 3 Gin — con­vin­ces with the uni­que com­bi­na­ti­on of its ver­sa­ti­le fla­vors and its mild­ness. OEL’s 3 Gin is the first of its kind in the world — a kind that is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by washing a gin with oli­ve oil. But why did we do this? Qui­te sim­ply, fats enhan­ce fla­vors. And so we have deve­lo­ped a pro­cess in which our OEL and our gin are hand-stir­red tog­e­ther for three days. After­wards, both ingre­dients are sepa­ra­ted from each other again and the fla­vo­r­ed OEL’s 3 Gin is bot­t­led and packa­ged in our gin gift box.

A gin as a gift — but in a dif­fe­rent way

Giving away liqu­or is not real­ly new in its­elf. To ensu­re that the eyes of the reci­pi­ent still bear wit­ness to a suc­cess­ful sur­pri­se, we have deve­lo­ped the pro­ce­du­re descri­bed in detail. It ensu­res that our gin con­vin­ces with the said mild­ness and balan­ce and a plea­s­ant­ly soft mouth­feel. Almost as if the gin had a kind of tex­tu­re that we like to descri­be as crea­my or velvety.

Des­pi­te all the fla­vo­ring efforts ( which can be expe­ri­en­ced most accu­rate­ly undi­lu­t­ed ), it was important to us that our gin was easy to pre­pa­re and tas­te accord­in­gly. And whe­ther we suc­cee­ded in this can be deter­mi­ned quickly:

  • with the olives from the gin gift box and a dry light ver­mouth, it makes a won­der­ful “Dry Martini”
  • with a bot­t­le of tonic water of your choice, not­hing stands in the way of a refres­hing “gin and tonic”
  • with the olives and the pas­te you can pre­pa­re a clas­sic ita­li­an aperitivo
  • and for tho­se who want the right drink for the ape­ri­tivo, the tra­di­tio­nal “Negro­ni” only needs a bot­t­le of Cam­pa­ri and a bot­t­le of red vermouth

Gifts for gin lovers — the ago­ny of choice

The see­min­gly never-ending gin hys­te­ria is one man’s cur­se and ano­t­her man’s bles­sing. The lat­ter pro­bab­ly app­lies to all self-con­fes­sed gin lovers. Mean­while, a well sto­cked retailer must grow to meet the gro­wing curio­si­ty of cus­to­mers and the gro­wing sup­ply of gin pro­du­cers to accom­mo­da­te the thousands of bot­t­les. Our gin and our gin gift box join in cheer­ful­ly, becau­se “com­pe­ti­ti­on sti­mu­la­tes business”.

Regard­less of the fact that our fla­vo­ring pro­cess sets us apart from many exis­ting brands and ide­as, we are awa­re of what the com­pe­ti­ti­ve situa­ti­on is. In fact, the­re is sim­ply ever­ything. Howe­ver, a fact that is good for you. And may­be we’­ve con­vin­ced you to try our OEL’s 3 Gin next.

Gin Geschenk Set
Gin für Griechenlandfans
Logo International Wine And Spirits Competition, Silver Award.

IWSC 2019

1x Sil­ver

The Spirits Business Competition, Gold Award

The Spi­rit Busi­ness 2019

1x Gold

Logo Craft Spirits Berlin Award, Bronze Award.

Craft Spi­rits Ber­lin 2020

1x Bron­ze

Bio Gin mit Olivenöl aromatisiert
Gewürze des Gins