A! Green Oli­ve Spread 190 g


Green oli­ve tape­na­de with almonds as a vegan spread, as a dip for vege­ta­bles, to refi­ne salad dres­sings or to enjoy on its own.

Spread made from green Chal­ki­di­ki olives with almonds and herbs. Made in Greece.


Messenia, Greece, Kalamata, Meligalas

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Line N. aus Ulm

Phantastische Qualität in stylischer Optik. Enorm schnelle Lieferung.

Hartmut W. aus Bonn

Alles super prima, schnelle Lieferung, gute Ware, weiter so

M. Peter F. aus Ribnitz

Schnell noch mal nachbestellt zu Weihnachten :)

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Greek Green Olive Tapenade

A! Green olive paste is our first extension of the A! product family.

Green olives from the Chalkidiki region are finely seasoned with almonds and herbs and made into a fresh olive tapenade.

his olive delicacy from Greece is perfect as a snack with an aperitif, as a (vegan) spread or as a spicy side dish with a meat dish.

Our tip: Instead of pesto, why not serve a spoonful of A! Green Olive Paste with pasta? and a shot of A! Extra Virgin olive oil, some Feta-cheese and oregano - This is how you get a good piece of Greece directly onto your plate!
Our A! Green olive paste is a natural product produced under the highest quality standards in Greece.

Green olives (90%), almonds, sunflower oil, acidity regulator (citric acid), herbs, sea salt, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).


Olive cultivation in Greece

Olives are grown in almost all of Greece - with the exception of the very northern or very high regions where it is too cold for the olive trees in winter.
Accordingly, there are many different varieties of olives in Greece. Each is perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions and soil of its region.

A basic distinction is made between olive varieties that are used to produce olive oil and table olives. The latter are considerably larger and have a lot of flesh.

The best-known green edible olives come from the region of Chalkidiki in northern Greece, from which the variety also got its name "Chalkidiki".

We have these green olives made into a fresh tapenade, trying to add as few ingredients as possible.

This green olive tapenade is very versatile in the kitchen.