Mixed OELives 2000 g B‑stock

Verpackung 40,50

The 2000 g jar, fil­led with a mix­tu­re of cer­ti­fied orga­nic Kala­ma­ta olives (50%) and cer­ti­fied orga­nic Chal­ki­di­ki olives (50%). Ele­va­ted with self-har­ve­s­ted, sin­gle-ori­gin, cer­ti­fied orga­nic extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil, salt, ore­ga­no, thy­me, and rose­ma­ry. B‑stock now avail­ab­le — with small cos­me­tic defects to the pack­a­ging. The con­tents are of the hig­hest qua­li­ty, as always.

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Price Verpackung 40,50
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More information about the content of the product

You'll find all the products from OEL, OEL's 3 Gin, and A here, whenever available! 15% discount. Why? It's simple: sometimes our canisters receive a little ding here or there during their long journey, sometimes our labels are printed or glued incorrectly. We cannot place the products in question on the market. For this reason, we would like to offer our high quality products at a special price to convinced regular customers.

Important: the previously described defects refer only to the exterior of the products. Products with damaged or faulty packaging are still guaranteed to be properly sealed and leak-proof. The content quality of our products is our top priority and is strictly controlled in every single production process and certified accordingly. If products do not meet the high standards, they are systematically excluded from sales opportunities.

With the B-goods area, we are trying to clear another hurdle in the sustainability development of our company. We will be glad if you make use of these opportunities.

OEL Berlin Award Signet

London International Table Olive Competition 2021

1x Bronze