The OEL gift set is the per­fect pre­sent for all culi­na­ry enthu­si­asts. It inclu­des the fol­lowing orga­ni­cal­ly cer­ti­fied pro­ducts made by OEL:

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Our oli­ve oil gift set…

is sui­ta­ble for any occa­si­on. Becau­se let’s be honest: with the pan­de­mic alo­ne, awa­reness of spe­cial foods and their pro­duc­tion has beco­me more important to all of us. An awa­reness that can be shared won­der­ful­ly, with peop­le who mean some­thing to you — and we think: to vir­tual­ly any occasion.

Our OEL gift box inclu­des the fol­lowing home­grown, sin­gle-ori­gin products:

  • 1x OEL 500ml, extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil, pro­du­ced direct­ly from olives, orga­nic, vegan
  • 1x Mixed OELives 170g, 50% Kala­ma­ta olives, 50% Chal­ki­di­ki olives, orga­nic, vegan
  • 1x OEL­pas­te 180g, pro­du­ced direct­ly from 100% Kala­ma­ta olives, orga­nic, vegan
  • 1x OEL­re­ga­no 20g, pure cer­ti­fied orga­nic ore­ga­no, gathe­red by hand on the high plains of Greece, orga­nic, vegan

Why, of all things, oli­ve oil as a gift? Or even a who­le oli­ve oil gift set?

Qui­te sim­ply, oli­ve oil is one of the oldest agri­cul­tu­ral pro­ducts in the world. All over the glo­be, peop­le press and extract oils of all pos­si­ble qua­li­ties from orga­nic to con­ven­tio­nal from more than 1500 dif­fe­rent oli­ve varie­ties. The more one deals with this almost infi­ni­te world of oils, the more one rea­li­zes how litt­le know­ledge is spread in this regard. We have been doing edu­ca­tio­nal work on this for six years now and now see our­sel­ves as ambassa­dors of the oli­ve and oli­ve oil. The­re­fo­re, we offer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to give not only culi­na­ry plea­su­re, but also pro­vi­de facts and know­ledge. And the two com­bi­ned in our oli­ve oil gift set.

In order to sus­tainab­ly ful­fill the self-impo­sed respon­si­bi­li­ty of being ambassa­dors, we not only empha­si­ze the uni­que tas­te and com­pre­hen­si­ve ingre­dient rich­ness of our pro­ducts, but also trans­pa­ren­cy and communication — …

What can I do with a gift set full of oli­ve oil?

… and not just in rela­ti­on to ques­ti­ons around the pro­duc­tion. Trans­pa­ren­cy and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on can also mean addres­sing prac­ti­cal issu­es like the one abo­ve. In the com­ing issu­es of our news­let­ter >Jour­no­el< we will publish more gre­at reci­pes to inspi­re and pro­vi­de ide­as for coo­king with a who­le oli­ve oil gift set. But to ans­wer the ques­ti­on direct­ly, you don’t even need to cook. With the OEL gift box, the reci­pi­ent is only one bot­t­le of bal­sa­mic vine­gar away from a won­der­ful salad. Or just an oni­on and a feta away from a real Greek salad. The same is true for our OEL­re­ga­no, which can be sprinkled over our oil and then dip­ped with good bread. It does­n’t have to be com­pli­ca­ted to be good. A way of spea­king and living that we have acqui­red in our adop­ted home of Kala­ma­ta and that app­lies to our oil and all other products.