OEL­dust Green 70 g


➤ Green olives, gar­lic, spi­ces, salt
➤ Dried and ground
➤ For coo­king and refining
Green OEL­dust? The­se are flakes of green olives. They add colour and an extra por­ti­on of fla­vour to your dishes.
OEL­dust are dehy­dra­ted and crus­hed, spi­cy olives. Green OEL­dust goes well with cream cheese, aspa­ra­gus, spa­ghet­ti car­bo­na­ra and all fish dishes.

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OELdust - the olive spice from Greece.

OELdust is a rather fine powder that tastes of olives. No wonder, since it is made from olives. Green olives to sprinkle? That's OELdust - a new kind of olive spice.

For our OELdust Green, green olives are pitted, dried with garlic, bukovo and coriander and then crushed to make a sprinkleable, very aromatic olive powder.

You can experiment with OELdust in all kinds of recipes. Let your creativity run wild! Sprinkle OELdust on your sandwich, add it to salad dressing or herb curd. Season your bread dough with it, or make a quick pesto with OELdust, capers and pine nuts. Mix OELdust with OEL and drizzle the mixture over your vegetables. Experiment!
We'd love you to share your ideas with us.

Ingredients: Green olives (95%)*, virgin olive oil (0.4%)*, sea salt, bucovo*, coriander*, garlic*.

*From controlled organic cultivation

Bukovo and our OELdust

Our green OLESTAUB is seasoned with Bukovo. This is a spicy pepper variety from Macedonia. It was almost extinct, but is now fortunately experiencing a small renaissance. The spiciness and aroma of Bukovo harmonise perfectly with garlic and the slightly bitter fleshy Chalkidiki olives. That's why we use Bukovo in our green OELdust and in our green GRILLOELiven.

Like all OEL products, OELdust Green does not contain flavour enhancers, artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings or sugar. At OEL you will find the pure diversity of natural taste.

Let yourself be surprised how versatile and intense such a simple product is!

Production process of our products from olives

The green olives for our olive products grow and thrive exclusively on certified organic trees in Greece. They are harvested from these very trees in gentle, but sweaty, manual labour, and then packed into boxes and taken to the processing facilities. During harvesting and processing, the protection of the fruit has top priority. This is the only way to preserve the full flavour.

In the processing plants, the olives are sorted by variety and size, transported via conveyors to be washed and then stored in large tanks with brine for debittering. Because without this process, olives are inedible. The olives ferment for about six months before they are processed further. Only at the end are the olives marinated in vinegar or with herbs.
For OELdust, two further processing steps follow: drying and crushing into granules.

Oliven als Gewürz
Olivengewürz grün

Herstellungsverfahren unserer Produkte aus Oliven

Die grünen Oliven für unsere Olivenprodukte wachsen und gedeihen ausschließlich an biozertifizierten Bäumen in Griechenland. Von eben diesen Bäumen werden sie in schonender, aber schweißtreibender, Handarbeit geerntet, um anschließend in Kisten gepackt und in die Verarbeitungsanlagen gebracht zu werden. Bei der Ernte und der Verarbeitung hat der Schutz der Frucht oberste Priorität. Nur so kann der volle Geschmack erhalten bleiben.

In den Verarbeitungsanlagen werden die Oliven nach Sorten und Größen sortiert, über Förderanlagen zum Waschen gefahren und anschließend in großen Tanks mit Salzlake zur Entbitterung eingelagert. Denn ohne diesen Prozess sind Oliven ungenießbar. Die Oliven fermentieren für etwa sechs Monate, bevor sie weiterverarbeitet werden. Erst zum Schluss werden die Oliven in Essig oder mit Kräutern mariniert.
Für OELstaub folgen dann noch zwei weitere Verarbeitungsschritte: die Trocknung und die Zerkleinerung zu Granulat.

Alois S. aus Weilheim

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