OEL­dust Green 70 g


➤ Green olives, gar­lic, spi­ces, salt
➤ Dried and ground
➤ For coo­king and refining
Green OEL­dust? The­se are flakes of green olives. They add colour and an extra por­ti­on of fla­vour to your dishes.
OEL­dust are dehy­dra­ted and crus­hed, spi­cy olives. Green OEL­dust goes well with cream cheese, aspa­ra­gus, spa­ghet­ti car­bo­na­ra and all fish dishes.

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OEL­dust — the oli­ve spi­ce from Greece.

OEL­dust is a rather fine pow­der that tas­tes of olives. No won­der, sin­ce it is made from olives. Green olives to sprink­le? That’s OEL­dust — a new kind of oli­ve spice.

For our OEL­dust Green, green olives are pit­ted, dried with gar­lic, buko­vo and cori­an­der and then crus­hed to make a sprinkle­ab­le, very aro­ma­tic oli­ve powder.

You can expe­ri­ment with OEL­dust in all kinds of reci­pes. Let your crea­ti­vi­ty run wild! Sprink­le OEL­dust on your sand­wich, add it to salad dres­sing or herb curd. Sea­son your bread dough with it, or make a quick pes­to with OEL­dust, capers and pine nuts. Mix OEL­dust with OEL and drizz­le the mix­tu­re over your vege­ta­bles. Experiment!
We’d love you to share your ide­as with us.

Ingre­dients: Green olives (95%)*, vir­gin oli­ve oil (0.4%)*, sea salt, buco­vo*, cori­an­der*, garlic*.

*From con­trol­led orga­nic cultivation

Buko­vo and our OELdust

Our green OLE­STAUB is sea­so­ned with Buko­vo. This is a spi­cy pep­per varie­ty from Mace­do­nia. It was almost extinct, but is now for­tu­n­a­te­ly expe­ri­en­cing a small renais­sance. The spi­ci­ness and aro­ma of Buko­vo har­mo­ni­se per­fect­ly with gar­lic and the slight­ly bit­ter fle­shy Chal­ki­di­ki olives. That’s why we use Buko­vo in our green OEL­dust and in our green GRILLOELiven.

Like all OEL pro­ducts, OEL­dust Green does not con­tain fla­vour enhan­cers, arti­fi­cial fla­vou­rings, pre­ser­va­ti­ves, colou­rings or sugar. At OEL you will find the pure diver­si­ty of natu­ral taste.

Let yourself be sur­pri­sed how ver­sa­ti­le and inten­se such a simp­le pro­duct is!

Pro­duc­tion pro­cess of our pro­ducts from olives

The green olives for our oli­ve pro­ducts grow and thri­ve exclu­si­ve­ly on cer­ti­fied orga­nic trees in Greece. They are har­ve­s­ted from the­se very trees in gent­le, but swea­ty, manu­al labour, and then packed into boxes and taken to the pro­ces­sing faci­li­ties. During har­ve­s­ting and pro­ces­sing, the pro­tec­tion of the fruit has top prio­ri­ty. This is the only way to pre­ser­ve the full flavour.

In the pro­ces­sing plants, the olives are sor­ted by varie­ty and size, trans­por­ted via con­veyors to be was­hed and then stored in lar­ge tanks with bri­ne for debit­te­ring. Becau­se without this pro­cess, olives are ine­di­ble. The olives fer­ment for about six mon­ths befo­re they are pro­ces­sed fur­ther. Only at the end are the olives mari­na­ted in vine­gar or with herbs.
For OEL­dust, two fur­ther pro­ces­sing steps fol­low: dry­ing and crus­hing into granules.

From bit­ter fruit to tas­ty temptation

In con­trast, the tra­di­tio­nal pro­ces­sing of the olives was still done exclu­si­ve­ly by hand. The olives, which were har­ve­s­ted by the thousands, had to be labo­rious­ly was­hed, clea­ned, sca­ri­fied, optio­nal­ly pit­ted, and final­ly pick­led. Then, as now, the pro­cess of soa­king the olives in bri­ne, wine vine­gar, and/​or oli­ve oil ensu­red the remo­val of the natu­ral­ly bit­ter sub­s­tan­ces from the olives so that the finis­hed oli­ve pro­ducts could be enjoy­ed. The natu­ral fla­vor of an unpro­ces­sed oli­ve is most­ly one of incom­pa­ra­b­ly inten­si­ve bitterness.

Import­ant­ly: the bit­ter­ness is still a tes­ta­ment to the rich­ness of the olive’s com­pon­ents. In par­ti­cu­lar, the phe­nols and poly­phe­nols, which are bene­fi­cial for health and diges­ti­on, have a bit­ter tas­te. The goal of pick­ling the olives is to balan­ce the­se fla­vor pro­per­ties and so to bring out the diver­si­ty of the other natu­ral aromas.

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