OEL Soap 25 g


The 25g bar of soap most­ly con­tains our OEL, but also con­tains shea but­ter, avo­ca­do oil, water, spruce need­le oil, sage oil, spi­ru­li­na, lemon, and lina­lool. It’s hand­ma­de and vegan — you can theo­re­ti­cal­ly bite into it.

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Our OEL soap con­sists lar­ge­ly of our extra vir­gin OEL and also con­tains the ingre­dients shea but­ter, avo­ca­do oil, water, spruce need­le oil, sage oil, spi­ru­li­na, lemon and linalool.

It is made by and with the small manu­fac­to­ry Mai­soap in Ber­lin-Fried­richs­hain. The reci­pe for this natu­ral soap was deve­lo­ped and rea­li­zed tog­e­ther and is, the­re­fo­re, a true ori­gi­nal. With its high con­tent of natu­ral ingre­dients and pure vege­ta­ble fats, it con­tri­bu­tes per­fect­ly to the rege­ne­ra­ti­on and clean­sing of the skin. The soap is free from:

  • Palm oil or so-cal­led “sodium palmate”
  • Gly­ce­rin
  • ani­mal fats / e.g. sodium tallowate
  • Other petro­le­um-based fats
  • or syn­the­tic fragrances.

Our oli­ve oil soap is not only 100% natu­ral­ly pro­du­ced and thus con­vin­ces with fine mild fla­vors, but is also vegan. In theo­ry, you could bite into it …

The idea for soap made with oli­ve oil and its production

The idea for our own soap was born four years ago from the desi­re to crea­te ano­t­her pro­duct that is in no way infe­ri­or to the actu­al core pro­duct OEL, which has con­si­derable health-pro­mo­ting pro­per­ties. With our OEL we pro­mo­te health from the insi­de and with our soap from the outside.

Mai­soap has been dedi­ca­ted to the pro­duc­tion of our oli­ve oil soap for four years now. And that’s no easy feat. The soap, like many other varie­ties of the manu­fac­to­ry, is first pre­pa­red in a cer­tain mixing ratio. Here it is important to use natu­ral, orga­nic and mild ingre­dients and fra­gran­ces as much as pos­si­ble. Then the main ingre­dient, which is our extra vir­gin oli­ve oil, is hea­ted in the pot at about 35–40 degrees Cel­si­us and com­bi­ned with the natu­ral fra­gran­ces, essen­ti­al oils and lye (sodium hydro­xi­de to be pre­cise) to sapo­ni­fy it. The deli­be­ra­te selec­tion of this nar­row tem­pe­ra­tu­re ran­ge is pri­ma­ri­ly inten­ded to pro­tect the ingre­dients. The lye or lye mass is then pou­red into a mold. In this form, the oli­ve oil soap should pre-matu­re. After a few days it is then cut and then pla­ced in spe­cial boxes to ripen and stored. Last but not least, the soap is mil­led and packa­ged by hand.

Due to the lar­ge num­ber of steps during the soap making pro­cess, our oli­ve oil soap is one of the most ela­bo­ra­te and cos­t­ly pro­ducts of the OEL brand.

The effects of oli­ve oil soaps on the skin

In cos­me­tics, a gene­ral dis­tinc­tion is made bet­ween so-cal­led base oils or car­ri­er oils and essen­ti­al oils, which are usual­ly added. Good and thus sui­ta­ble for skin and also hair care are pri­ma­ri­ly vege­ta­ble, natu­ral, cold-pres­sed or cold-extrac­ted oils — such as our extra vir­gin oli­ve oil. The­se base oils are simi­lar in struc­tu­re and com­pon­ents to the natu­ral fat of the skin. Oils with this pro­per­ty are par­ti­cu­lar­ly skin and hair-friend­ly and are ide­al for the care of the body.

The extra vir­gin oli­ve oil, high­ly con­cen­tra­ted in our oli­ve oil soap, the­re­fo­re pro­vi­des a par­ti­cu­lar­ly dry skin with suf­fi­ci­ent fats and sti­mu­la­tes the skin’s own ref­at­ting. In addi­ti­on, phe­nols, poly­phe­nols and anti­oxi­d­ants, as the main ingre­dients of extra vir­gin oli­ve oil, pro­vi­de mois­tu­ri­zing, anti-aging and anti-inflamma­to­ry effects on the skin. Regu­lar skin and hair care with extra vir­gin oli­ve oil its­elf or soaps made from oli­ve oil thus pro­vi­des more fle­xi­bi­li­ty, vita­li­ty and mois­tu­re and is the­re­fo­re a 100% effec­ti­ve mea­su­re against dry skin.

One sear­ches in vain for simi­lar pro­per­ties in con­ven­tio­nal cos­me­tics or soaps.

The effect of the other ingredients

As a pure essen­ti­al oil, as used in our oli­ve oil soap, sage oil has an her­by, men­thol-like, fresh and spi­cy smell. In skin­ca­re, hair, and body­ca­re pro­ducts, it can inhi­bit exces­si­ve sweat pro­duc­tion, have a dis­in­fec­tant, anti­bio­tic, and wound healing effect, and also lower fever, pro­mo­te blood cir­cu­la­ti­on, and relie­ve pain.

Avo­ca­do oil is one of the most mois­tu­ri­zing oils. It pro­tects the skin from dry­ness, while its anti-inflamma­to­ry pro­per­ties work against black­heads, pimp­les, and enlar­ged pores, and, with pro­lon­ged use, make the skin soft and natu­ral­ly taut.

As the main oil ingre­dient in our oli­ve oil soap, spruce need­le oil is, abo­ve all, respon­si­ble for an incom­pa­ra­ble fra­gran­ce thanks to its mild, natu­ral aro­mas. Moreo­ver, natu­ral spruce need­le oil has been a well-known her­bal medi­ci­ne for cen­tu­ries, used to tre­at mild mus­cle and ner­ve pain, as an expec­torant, and to heal pati­ents with tuber­cu­lo­sis and scurvy.

The dif­fe­rence from con­ven­tio­nal cosmetics

An oli­ve oil soap, soap or pro­duct for the care of the skin, hair or body, which con­sists of 100% natu­ral ingre­dients, could hard­ly be a grea­ter con­trast to con­ven­tio­nal pro­ducts. Con­ven­tio­nal cos­me­tics often con­tain petro­le­um-based fats, syn­the­tic addi­ti­ves, ani­mal fats, alco­hols such as gly­ce­rin and sur­fac­tants. Alt­hough they ful­fill their pur­po­se, name­ly to clean­se the skin and lea­ve a plea­sant scent, they for­ce the skin and also the hair with it into a sta­te of dependency.

The skin must always be sti­mu­la­ted to build up its own oily pro­tec­ti­ve lay­er when using clean­sing pro­ducts, other­wi­se it will be even more sus­cep­ti­ble to dehydration.

It is the­re­fo­re gene­ral­ly recom­men­ded to opt for bio­lo­gi­cal­ly and der­ma­to­lo­gi­cal­ly tes­ted and cer­ti­fied natu­ral pro­ducts. If they are on top of it still vegan, one has like with our oli­ve oil soap still the plea­sant side effect to dis­po­se of iron reser­ves should it beco­me scar­ce once in the larder.