OEL Soap 25 g


The 25g bar of soap most­ly con­tains our OEL, but also con­tains shea but­ter, avo­ca­do oil, water, spruce need­le oil, sage oil, spi­ru­li­na, lemon, and lina­lool. It’s hand­ma­de and vegan — you can theo­re­ti­cal­ly bite into it.

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Our OEL soap consists largely of our extra virgin OEL and also contains the ingredients shea butter, avocado oil, water, spruce needle oil, sage oil, spirulina, lemon and linalool.

It is made by and with the small manufactory Maisoap in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The recipe for this natural soap was developed and realized together and is, therefore, a true original. With its high content of natural ingredients and pure vegetable fats, it contributes perfectly to the regeneration and cleansing of the skin. The soap is free from:

  • Palm oil or so-called "sodium palmate"
  • Glycerin
  • animal fats / e.g. sodium tallowate
  • Other petroleum-based fats
  • or synthetic fragrances.

Our olive oil soap is not only 100% naturally produced and thus convinces with fine mild flavors, but is also vegan. In theory, you could bite into it ...

The idea for soap made with olive oil and its production

The idea for our own soap was born four years ago from the desire to create another product that is in no way inferior to the actual core product OEL, which has considerable health-promoting properties. With our OEL we promote health from the inside and with our soap from the outside.

Maisoap has been dedicated to the production of our olive oil soap for four years now. And that's no easy feat. The soap, like many other varieties of the manufactory, is first prepared in a certain mixing ratio. Here it is important to use natural, organic and mild ingredients and fragrances as much as possible. Then the main ingredient, which is our extra virgin olive oil, is heated in the pot at about 35-40 degrees Celsius and combined with the natural fragrances, essential oils and lye (sodium hydroxide to be precise) to saponify it. The deliberate selection of this narrow temperature range is primarily intended to protect the ingredients. The lye or lye mass is then poured into a mold. In this form, the olive oil soap should pre-mature. After a few days it is then cut and then placed in special boxes to ripen and stored. Last but not least, the soap is milled and packaged by hand.

Due to the large number of steps during the soap making process, our olive oil soap is one of the most elaborate and costly products of the OEL brand.

The effects of olive oil soaps on the skin

In cosmetics, a general distinction is made between so-called base oils or carrier oils and essential oils, which are usually added. Good and thus suitable for skin and also hair care are primarily vegetable, natural, cold-pressed or cold-extracted oils - such as our extra virgin olive oil. These base oils are similar in structure and components to the natural fat of the skin. Oils with this property are particularly skin and hair-friendly and are ideal for the care of the body.

The extra virgin olive oil, highly concentrated in our olive oil soap, therefore provides a particularly dry skin with sufficient fats and stimulates the skin's own refatting. In addition, phenols, polyphenols and antioxidants, as the main ingredients of extra virgin olive oil, provide moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Regular skin and hair care with extra virgin olive oil itself or soaps made from olive oil thus provides more flexibility, vitality and moisture and is therefore a 100% effective measure against dry skin.

One searches in vain for similar properties in conventional cosmetics or soaps.

The effect of the other ingredients

As a pure essential oil, as used in our olive oil soap, sage oil has an herby, menthol-like, fresh and spicy smell. In skincare, hair, and bodycare products, it can inhibit excessive sweat production, have a disinfectant, antibiotic, and wound healing effect, and also lower fever, promote blood circulation, and relieve pain.

Avocado oil is one of the most moisturizing oils. It protects the skin from dryness, while its anti-inflammatory properties work against blackheads, pimples, and enlarged pores, and, with prolonged use, make the skin soft and naturally taut.

As the main oil ingredient in our olive oil soap, spruce needle oil is, above all, responsible for an incomparable fragrance thanks to its mild, natural aromas. Moreover, natural spruce needle oil has been a well-known herbal medicine for centuries, used to treat mild muscle and nerve pain, as an expectorant, and to heal patients with tuberculosis and scurvy.

The difference from conventional cosmetics

An olive oil soap, soap or product for the care of the skin, hair or body, which consists of 100% natural ingredients, could hardly be a greater contrast to conventional products. Conventional cosmetics often contain petroleum-based fats, synthetic additives, animal fats, alcohols such as glycerin and surfactants. Although they fulfill their purpose, namely to cleanse the skin and leave a pleasant scent, they force the skin and also the hair with it into a state of dependency.

The skin must always be stimulated to build up its own oily protective layer when using cleansing products, otherwise it will be even more susceptible to dehydration.

It is therefore generally recommended to opt for biologically and dermatologically tested and certified natural products. If they are on top of it still vegan, one has like with our olive oil soap still the pleasant side effect to dispose of iron reserves should it become scarce once in the larder.