OEL Zoe 500 ml – artist’s edition


OEL Zoe is our top class oli­ve oil as a limi­ted artist’s edition.

It is a very aro­ma­tic oli­ve oil, made from not qui­te ripe Koron­ei­ki olives.
The almost black bot­t­le made of vio­let glass by Miron and the gift box are prin­ted with a pain­ting by Dimi­tris Tza­mou­ra­nis.

Our OEL Zoe is sin­gle varie­ty (100% Koron­ei­ki), self-pro­du­ced, orga­nic, extra vir­gin. It comes from a gro­ve of trees that are several hund­red, in some cases even over a thousand years old.
In Greece, this so-cal­led ago­u­ré­leo (αγουρέλαιο) is a par­ti­cu­lar­ly valu­able and expen­si­ve speciality.


Andania, old king's town Messinia

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Behind the scenes

The olives for OEL Zoe were harvested on 4 November 2022. On the same day, the precious harvest was the very first to go into the still virgin oil mill for extraction after the summer break.
Our co-founders Amadeus Tzamouranis and Simone Artale personally accompanied the harvest, production and bottling of this special olive oil in Greece. A few days after the extraction, they filled OEL Zoe into the dark bottles and sent them to Germany.

This exclusive olive oil has a particularly high content of polyphenols (extremely healthy antioxidants) and an intense aroma.
In any case, you should enjoy it raw and as pure as possible and dose it carefully.

exklusive olive oil

The packaging

OEL Zoe is a gift edition in collaboration with the artist Dimitris Tzamouranis, the father of Amadeus Tzamouranis. For the bottle, he chose the painting Decameron, which focuses on his youngest daughter Zoe (Gr. "life"). This painting celebrates the abundance and richness of life in the midst of nature. What could be more fitting for this oil?

Dimitris Tzamouranis was born in Kalamata in 1967, first studied painting and printmaking at the University of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki and continued his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1990. Since then he has devoted himself to figurative painting and today enjoys a considerable reputation. He is represented by the Michael Haas Gallery

Our Miron Violet Glass Bottles

We have deliberately filled Oel Zoe in bottles made of Miron violet glass. This is because violet glass does not allow the harmful rays of visible light to pass through.
This preserves the precious ingredients for a long time.
n addition, Miron glass allows light of wavelengths between 380 and 420 nanometres (violet and UVA frequency) to penetrate 25%-45% and between 730 and 1050 nanometres (infrared frequency) to penetrate about 60%.
There is a theory that these rays are particularly beneficial for natural products in contrast to visible light.

Why OEL Zoe is a top class olive oil

Since this olive oil is extracted from unripe olives from very old trees, the yield is lower than usual. An early harvest means subordinating quantity to quality. And the age of the olive trees also plays a role. These trees only produce a few flowers, but then put their centuries of strength into the fruit. A feat of strength that is unparalleled and is reflected in the special intensity of flavour of this top-class olive oil.

Orga­nic Certification

Yes Yes No

Kind of Olive

Koroneiki Koroneiki Koroneiki

Qua­li­ty Class

Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin


From our own grove From our own grove From local farmers in Andania

Matu­ri­ty Level 

Unripe Olives (called the “Agouréleo”) Ripe and Unripe Olives Ripe Olives

Har­ve­s­ting Method

Hand-harvested Hand-harvested Harvested with tools

Tree Age

Very old
(500-1000 years old)
Old and young
(30-400 years old)
Old and young
(30-400 years old)


0,19 % 0,35 % 0,5 %


Green Green-Yellow Green-Yellow

Pro­ces­sing Method

Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA)

Pro­duct Container 

High quality bottle produced by the company Mironglas,
Ultra Violet Glass
Black and white tin canister,
BPA free
White and white tin canister,
BPA free


First extraction of the year in the oil mill,
High Polyphenol content,
Limited edition,
Artistic design by Dimitris Tzamouranis,
Gift Box
Awarded twelve times at the most important olive oil competitions in the world Part of the proceeds will go back to social projects in Greece

Pur­po­se of Use

Salads, dips, cold Dishes Salads, cold dishes, roasts, cooking, dips Cooking, frying, deep-frying