OEL Zoe 500 ml – artist’s edition


OEL Zoe is our top class oli­ve oil as a limi­ted artist’s edition.

It is a very aro­ma­tic oli­ve oil, made from not qui­te ripe Koron­ei­ki olives.
The almost black bot­t­le made of vio­let glass by Miron and the gift box are prin­ted with a pain­ting by Dimi­tris Tza­mou­ra­nis.

Our OEL Zoe is sin­gle varie­ty (100% Koron­ei­ki), self-pro­du­ced, orga­nic, extra vir­gin. It comes from a gro­ve of trees that are several hund­red, in some cases even over a thousand years old.
In Greece, this so-cal­led ago­u­ré­leo (αγουρέλαιο) is a par­ti­cu­lar­ly valu­able and expen­si­ve speciality.


Andania, old king's town Messinia

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Behind the scenes

The olives for OEL Zoe were har­ve­s­ted on 4 Novem­ber 2022. On the same day, the pre­cious har­vest was the very first to go into the still vir­gin oil mill for extrac­tion after the sum­mer break.
Our co-foun­ders Ama­de­us Tza­mou­ra­nis and Simo­ne Arta­le per­so­nal­ly accom­pa­nied the har­vest, pro­duc­tion and bott­ling of this spe­cial oli­ve oil in Greece. A few days after the extrac­tion, they fil­led OEL Zoe into the dark bot­t­les and sent them to Germany.

This exclu­si­ve oli­ve oil has a par­ti­cu­lar­ly high con­tent of poly­phe­nols (extre­me­ly healt­hy anti­oxi­d­ants) and an inten­se aroma.
In any case, you should enjoy it raw and as pure as pos­si­ble and dose it carefully.

exklusive olive oil

The pack­a­ging

OEL Zoe is a gift edi­ti­on in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with the artist Dimi­tris Tza­mou­ra­nis, the father of Ama­de­us Tza­mou­ra­nis. For the bot­t­le, he cho­se the pain­ting Deca­me­ron, which focu­ses on his youn­gest daugh­ter Zoe (Gr. “life”). This pain­ting cele­bra­tes the abundance and rich­ness of life in the midst of natu­re. What could be more fit­ting for this oil?

Dimi­tris Tza­mou­ra­nis was born in Kala­ma­ta in 1967, first stu­di­ed pain­ting and print­ma­king at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Fine Arts in Thes­sa­lo­ni­ki and con­ti­nued his stu­dies at the Ber­lin Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts from 1990. Sin­ce then he has devo­ted hims­elf to figu­ra­ti­ve pain­ting and today enjoys a con­si­derable repu­ta­ti­on. He is repre­sen­ted by the Micha­el Haas Gallery

Our Miron Vio­let Glass Bottles

We have deli­ber­ate­ly fil­led Oel Zoe in bot­t­les made of Miron vio­let glass. This is becau­se vio­let glass does not allow the harm­ful rays of visi­ble light to pass through.
This pre­ser­ves the pre­cious ingre­dients for a long time.
n addi­ti­on, Miron glass allows light of wav­elengths bet­ween 380 and 420 nano­me­tres (vio­let and UVA fre­quen­cy) to pene­tra­te 25%-45% and bet­ween 730 and 1050 nano­me­tres (infra­red fre­quen­cy) to pene­tra­te about 60%.
The­re is a theo­ry that the­se rays are par­ti­cu­lar­ly bene­fi­cial for natu­ral pro­ducts in con­trast to visi­ble light.

Why OEL Zoe is a top class oli­ve oil

Sin­ce this oli­ve oil is extrac­ted from unri­pe olives from very old trees, the yield is lower than usu­al. An ear­ly har­vest means sub­or­di­na­ting quan­ti­ty to qua­li­ty. And the age of the oli­ve trees also plays a role. The­se trees only pro­du­ce a few flowers, but then put their cen­tu­ries of strength into the fruit. A feat of strength that is unpar­al­leled and is reflec­ted in the spe­cial inten­si­ty of fla­vour of this top-class oli­ve oil.

Orga­nic Certification

Yes Yes No

Kind of Olive

Koron­ei­ki Koron­ei­ki Koron­ei­ki

Qua­li­ty Class

Extra Vir­gin Extra Vir­gin Extra Vir­gin


From our own grove From our own grove From local far­mers in Andania

Matu­ri­ty Level 

Unri­pe Olives (cal­led the “Ago­u­ré­leo”) Ripe and Unri­pe Olives Ripe Olives

Har­ve­s­ting Method

Hand-har­ve­s­ted Hand-har­ve­s­ted Har­ve­s­ted with tools

Tree Age

Very old
(500‑1000 years old) 
Old and young
(30–400 years old)
Old and young
(30–400 years old)


0,19 % 0,35 % 0,5 %


Green Green-Yel­low Green-Yel­low

Pro­ces­sing Method

Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA) Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA) Cold extrac­tion (pro­ces­sing by cen­tri­fu­ge. 2‑phase sepa­ra­ti­on decan­ter- GEA)

Pro­duct Container 

High qua­li­ty bot­t­le pro­du­ced by the com­pa­ny Mironglas,
Ultra Vio­let Glass
Black and white tin canister,
BPA free 
White and white tin canister,
BPA free 


First extrac­tion of the year in the oil mill, 
High Poly­phe­nol content, 
Limi­ted edition, 
Artis­tic design by Dimi­tris Tzamouranis, 
Gift Box
Awar­ded twel­ve times at the most important oli­ve oil com­pe­ti­ti­ons in the world Part of the pro­ceeds will go back to social pro­jects in Greece 

Pur­po­se of Use

Salads, dips, cold Dishes Salads, cold dis­hes, roasts, coo­king, dips Coo­king, fry­ing, deep-frying