OELives Green 500 g


500 g green orga­nic olives from Chal­ki­di­ki. Ele­va­ted with self-har­ve­s­ted, sin­gle-ori­gin, cer­ti­fied orga­nic extra vir­gin Koron­ei­ki oli­ve oil, salt, ore­ga­no, thy­me, and rosemary.

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green organic olives from Chalkidiki

These green organic olives grow in Greece on the peninsula of Chalkidiki in organic groves.
The harvest is done by gentle manual labor. The olives are then packed into boxes and taken to the processing plants.
In the processing plants, the olives are sorted by variety and size, transported by conveyors for washing, and then stored in large tanks with brine.
In these tanks the Kalamata olives ferment for about six months.

Greek olives and the brine

The traditional processing of olives was done by hand. The olives, sometimes harvested by the thousands, were washed, cleaned, individually scored, optionally pitted and finally pickled. By placing the olives in brine, the olives lose much of their natural bitterness. This is the only way they are edible at all. The natural flavor of an unprocessed olive is mostly one of incomparably intensive bitterness.

Note: The bitterness of the olive is nevertheless an important indication of its ingredient richness. Thus, it is precisely the phenols and polyphenols that promote health and digestion that taste bitter. The goal of pickling the olives is to balance these flavor properties and so to bring out the diversity of the other natural aromas.

Greek olives - What offers OEL?

Our Greek olives under the name OELives, together with the OELpesto, were the first expansion of OEL's products since its foundation. The flavorful interplay, consisting of a slightly salty note, pleasantly bitter nuances and a fine spiciness, makes these olives a versatile companion.

A little side note: Our green organic olives are particularly cooperative when they meet our OEL. The two are united by an intimate friendship. Virtually from the tree to the plate.

Macro shot of a leaf from an olive tree.
Marinated green Chalkidiki-Olive

Greek olives - the ubiquitous ingredient

Olives are one of the basics of Greek cuisine. Olives are one of the basics of Greek cuisine. Olives are the small inconspicuous ingredient that makes a big difference.

This is certainly due to the fact that the natural bitter substances in olives promote digestion, stimulate the appetite and boost the metabolism. They are therefore ideal as a culinary introduction to a rich menu or as a small digestive aid during the meal.

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