OEL­re­ga­no 20 g


The 20g canis­ter, fil­led with 100% pure cer­ti­fied orga­nic ore­ga­no, gathe­red by hand on the high plains of Greece.

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OEL­re­ga­no is a one hund­red per­cent pure cer­ti­fied orga­nic ore­ga­no from the high plains of Greece. “Keep it short” — a true state­ment for the deli­cious ore­ga­no, which grows up to an average of 30 cen­ti­me­ters. Nati­ve to the high­lands of Greece, it enjoys an envia­b­ly care­free exis­tence at dizzy­ing heights. Sin­ce it pri­ma­ri­ly devo­tes its­elf to exten­si­ve sun­bat­hing and sho­we­ring in thun­der­storms, it grows and thri­ves qui­te sple­ndid­ly until the time of its collection.

Its fla­vor­ful strai­ght­for­ward­ness and balan­ced inten­si­ty is ide­al for enhan­cing Medi­ter­ra­ne­an dis­hes. Word of advice: It is espe­cial­ly wil­ling when refi­ning in the pre­sence of our OEL. The two of them share a lifel­ong friendship. From the root to the pan, so to speak.

The latest pro­duct of the OEL brand was crea­ted as part of a won­der­ful coope­ra­ti­on with Spi­ce­bar Ber­lin.