OEL’s 3 Gin 500 ml


The 500 ml stone­wa­re jug fil­led with OEL’s 3 Gin is a world first, thanks to the use of oli­ve oil for the aro­ma­tiz­a­ti­on. A must for gin lovers.

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Organic gin: The world's first gin flavoured with olive oil

OEL's 3 Gin is the first of its kind in the world. A kind defined by the use of vegetable fats to flavour spirits. But why do people come up with the idea of combining fat and alcohol in the first place? And why an organic gin of all things?

The answer is: because fats are flavour carriers. This insight is ancient, has been used in restaurants and bars since time immemorial and proves itself time and time again. And it is precisely behind the counters of this world, i.e. in the parallel universe of the night-swarming free spirits, that this realisation always pushes open closed doors. In the process of "fat washing" / engl. "fat-washing," for example, involves soaking fried slices of ham in spirits such as a whiskey - simply to make it smokier at the end. The fat enhances the actual flavors of the whiskey and brings its own (ham) flavors right along with it.

This is exactly the case with our organic gin, which is particularly suitable for such fat washing due to the variety of its flavors. During the specially designed three-day flavoring process, both ingredients, i.e. gin and OEL, are stirred together in regular alternation of phases of movement and rest, taking into account the correct proportions. By hand and at constant low temperatures. Only when the optimal taste is achieved, the gin and OEL are separated again by filtering equipment and the finished organic gin is bottled in the colored stoneware jugs. The distilled botanicals of the organic gin, i.e. the botanicals, were highlighted by the high vegetable fat concentration of the OEL, enhancing the development of their aromas.

The flavored result captivates the palate with rich notes of ripened lemons, light aromas of ground rosemary and coriander, and a natural and all-round sweetness of mastihas and juniper. This is accentuated by the residual creaminess of the extracted OEL.

Greek gin!?!

While the never-ending juniper schnapps hysteria continues to take hold in Europe, Greece still stubbornly relied on the tried and tested usual suspects ouzo and tsipouro. As is well known, there is no disputing taste. Going up against these usual suspects takes courage. George Callicounis, owner of the family-run Callicounis distillery in Kalamata for 168 years, has plenty of courage. He created and successfully marketed the first gin from Greece with "Old Sport Gin".

And this "Old Sport Gin" forms the basis of our organic gin. The balanced use of:

  • Juniper
  • Angelica roots
  • Rosemary
  • Cardamom seeds
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Nutmeg
  • Violet roots
  • Licorice roots
  • Lemon zest
  • Bitter orange zest
  • Coriander seeds and mastic make this organic gin a special experience. Especially the mastic, a resin extracted from the bark of the pistachio tree, offers the OEL a wonderful working surface in the later flavouring.

How should I drink this organic gin?

The greatest homage is paid to the idea when the gin is enjoyed pure and without ice. In this way, all the gin’s fortified aromas can unfold.
In developing this organic gin, we placed immense importance on it being able to assert itself in every imaginable drink. An excellent gin and tonic can be prepared with the right tonic waters. If you don't like tonic water, you can just as easily prepare (or have prepared for you) a gin fizz, dry martini, or a gin basil smash.

When is a gin organic and what makes a dry gin?

This is quickly explained: a dry gin is dry when the elimination of added sugar was taken into account during distillation. The gin must also be distilled with botanicals. In the ratio of botanicals among themselves, it should be noted that juniper must have the largest share. When all this has been taken into account, the gin corresponds to a Dry Gin.

To be allowed to call a gin organic and to be able to market it accordingly, absolutely all ingredients must be organic/organic certified. Even the alcohol used. Our OEL's 3 Gin meets these criteria and is thus the first organic certified Dry Gin with Greek roots.

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IWSC 2019

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