OELives Star­ter-Kit


Our OELives Star­ter Kit con­tains all varie­ties of our olives at a tri­al price:
— Kala­ma­ta Olives
— Green Olives
— Mixed Olives
We mari­na­te our olives in herbs and pack them vacu­um­ed in jars without bri­ne or oil.
This keeps them fresh and crisp. The olives of OEL have raw food qualities


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Our products from olives

The Kalamata and Chalkidiki olives for our olive products grow on certified organic trees in the Peloponnese, Greece.
From these trees they are harvested by hand in a gentle, but sweaty process, and then packed into boxes and taken to processing plants. The methods of harvesting and processing are always subordinated to the protection of the fruit and thus to the preservation of the taste quality of the green and dark purple olives.

In the processing plants, the olives are sorted according to size and variety, brought by conveyer systems to be washed, then stored in large tanks. These tanks are filled with brine. The process called fermentation of olive products in brine is then maintained for about six months. After this time, the olives are selected and controlled again. Finally, the olives are refined with spices and filled into our jars without brine.


From bitter fruit to tasty temptation

The traditional processing of olives was of course done by hand. The olives, sometimes harvested by the thousands, had to be washed, cleaned, scored, optionally pitted and finally pickled.
The process of pickling in brine, wine vinegar and/or olive oils served, then as now, to soften the natural bitterness of the olives. Only in this way are the olives edible at all. In fact, the natural taste of an unprocessed olive is primarily characterized by an incomparable bitterness.

Note: The bitterness is nevertheless an important indication of the richness of the content of the olive. This is because it is the phenols and polyphenols that are helpful for health and digestion that we perceive as bitter. The goal of pickling the olives is to balance these flavor properties and so to bring out the diversity of the other natural aromas.

OEL Berlin Award Signet

London International Table Olive Competition 2021

1x Silver

Bio Oliven Familienpackung
Marinated green Chalkidiki-Olive

Olive products as an appetizer

Olives as an appetisers - Are there deeper reasons for this? The answer is: you bet!
Like the aperitif, the drink before the meal, it is precisely the bitter substances that create appetite, stimulate digestion and metabolism.

Fun fact: The colour of a food significantly influences our attitude towards it. The brain gathers experience with food during a person's life and automatically associates color with taste. The colors green and purple play particularly important roles for adults, as they are associated with concepts such as health and cell protection. Our green olives and dark purple olives benefit particularly from these associations - because "the eye eats with you".

Gabriele E. aus Bremervörde

(Oliven) — Oel ist hervorragend!! Konzept hat uns begeistert!
Bestellen immer wieder gern!!

Einfach toll…die Idee, das Konzept, der Name, die Überzeugung die dahinter steckt.…jetzt wird probiert und ich denke, ich werde nicht enttäuscht!

Produkte und Lieferung wie immer Top!