OELives Star­ter-Kit


Our OELives Star­ter Kit con­tains all varie­ties of our olives at a tri­al price:
— Kala­ma­ta Olives
— Green Olives
— Mixed Olives
We mari­na­te our olives in herbs and pack them vacu­um­ed in jars without bri­ne or oil.
This keeps them fresh and crisp. The olives of OEL have raw food qualities


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Our pro­ducts from olives

The Kala­ma­ta and Chal­ki­di­ki olives for our oli­ve pro­ducts grow on cer­ti­fied orga­nic trees in the Pelo­pon­nese, Greece.
From the­se trees they are har­ve­s­ted by hand in a gent­le, but swea­ty pro­cess, and then packed into boxes and taken to pro­ces­sing plants. The methods of har­ve­s­ting and pro­ces­sing are always sub­or­di­na­ted to the pro­tec­tion of the fruit and thus to the pre­ser­va­ti­on of the tas­te qua­li­ty of the green and dark pur­p­le olives.

In the pro­ces­sing plants, the olives are sor­ted accord­ing to size and varie­ty, brought by con­vey­er sys­tems to be was­hed, then stored in lar­ge tanks. The­se tanks are fil­led with bri­ne. The pro­cess cal­led fer­men­ta­ti­on of oli­ve pro­ducts in bri­ne is then main­tai­ned for about six mon­ths. After this time, the olives are selec­ted and con­trol­led again. Final­ly, the olives are refi­ned with spi­ces and fil­led into our jars without brine.


From bit­ter fruit to tas­ty temptation

The tra­di­tio­nal pro­ces­sing of olives was of cour­se done by hand. The olives, some­ti­mes har­ve­s­ted by the thousands, had to be was­hed, clea­ned, scored, optio­nal­ly pit­ted and final­ly pickled.
The pro­cess of pick­ling in bri­ne, wine vine­gar and/​or oli­ve oils ser­ved, then as now, to sof­ten the natu­ral bit­ter­ness of the olives. Only in this way are the olives edi­ble at all. In fact, the natu­ral tas­te of an unpro­ces­sed oli­ve is pri­ma­ri­ly cha­rac­te­ri­zed by an incom­pa­ra­ble bitterness.

Note: The bit­ter­ness is nevertheless an important indi­ca­ti­on of the rich­ness of the con­tent of the oli­ve. This is becau­se it is the phe­nols and poly­phe­nols that are hel­pful for health and diges­ti­on that we per­cei­ve as bit­ter. The goal of pick­ling the olives is to balan­ce the­se fla­vor pro­per­ties and so to bring out the diver­si­ty of the other natu­ral aromas.

OEL Berlin Award Signet

Lon­don Inter­na­tio­nal Table Oli­ve Com­pe­ti­ti­on 2021

1x Sil­ver

Bio Oliven Familienpackung
Marinated green Chalkidiki-Olive

Oli­ve pro­ducts as an appetizer

Olives as an appe­ti­sers — Are the­re deeper rea­sons for this? The ans­wer is: you bet!
Like the ape­ri­tif, the drink befo­re the meal, it is pre­cise­ly the bit­ter sub­s­tan­ces that crea­te appe­ti­te, sti­mu­la­te diges­ti­on and metabolism.

Fun fact: The colour of a food signi­fi­cant­ly influ­en­ces our atti­tu­de towards it. The brain gathers expe­ri­ence with food during a person’s life and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly asso­cia­tes color with tas­te. The colors green and pur­p­le play par­ti­cu­lar­ly important roles for adults, as they are asso­cia­ted with con­cepts such as health and cell pro­tec­tion. Our green olives and dark pur­p­le olives bene­fit par­ti­cu­lar­ly from the­se asso­cia­ti­ons — becau­se “the eye eats with you”.

Gabrie­le E. aus Bremervörde

(Oli­ven) — Oel ist her­vor­ra­gend!! Kon­zept hat uns begeistert!
Bestel­len immer wie­der gern!!

Ein­fach toll…die Idee, das Kon­zept, der Name, die Über­zeu­gung die dahin­ter steckt.…jetzt wird pro­biert und ich den­ke, ich wer­de nicht enttäuscht!

Pro­duk­te und Lie­fe­rung wie immer Top!