GinO­EL — Orga­nic Oli­ve Oil fla­vou­red by our Gin


GinO­EL is our orga­nic oli­ve oil that we used to fla­vour our OEL’s 3 Gin.

In a pro­cess las­ting several days, gin and OEL are stir­red at low temperatures.
As a result, our orga­nic oli­ve oil absorbs the juni­per notes of the gin. We then fil­ter it out.
This crea­tes an extre­me­ly inte­res­ting bou­quet of juni­per and olives.

Gin OEL is ide­al for dres­sings, for mari­na­ting fish or for vegetables.
Con­tains 1% alcohol!

100 ml Gin OEL

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Messenia, Greece, Kalamata, Meligalas


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Behind the scenes
When we experimented with the mixture of gin and OEL, we quickly realised that not only does the OEL give the gin a special velvety quality, but the olive oil was also enriched by the juniper aroma of the gin. So far, there is not a single olive oil on the market that has a similarly turbulent and peculiar history. An olive oil that is suspected of having acquired some of the alcohol through its contact with spirits was a challenge during organic certification.
Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwarzinger from the University of Bayreuth, who helped us to find a laboratory with the equipment and expertise to analyse such a novelty. Nun steht fest: es handelt sich bei unserem GinOEL um ein Natives Bio Olivenöl, das dank des Kontakts mit unserem Gin 1% Alkohol enthält und durch eine unvergleichliche Wacholdernote überzeugt.



griechisches olivenoel nativ extra
Aromatisiertes Olivenöl
Bio Gin und Olivenöl