Tha­las­sa — Dream Team


Our DREAM TEAM is our pre­mi­um deli­ca­tes­sen assort­ment for real fans
— 500 ml A! oli­ve oil
— 500 ml OEL (orga­nic)
— 500 g Mixed OELives
— 250 ml OEL Zoe (250 ml) pre­mi­um oli­ve oil

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Dream Team - our premium delicatessen assortment

We have put together this range of our best products for all fans of Greek delicatessen, gourmets and olive lovers.

Premium olive oil OEL Zoe is a cooperation of OEL and the artist Dimitris Tzamouranis. He created the artwork on the elaborately designed packaging.
It is very aromatic and should be dosed carefully, only with some bread or on raw vegetables.

OEL is our organic extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended for salads or freshly drizzled on a fine soup.

A! is our extra virgin olive oil without organic certification. Thanks to the lower price, you can also use it for boiling or mild frying.

Mixed OELives in the large 500 g jar are organic Kalamata and Chalkidiki olives, marinated in herbs.

All our products come from Greece, most of them from the Peloponnese peninsula.

The olives are still harvested there by hand, using only a few small machines.

Would you like to know more about our premium olive oil OEL ZOE and the Tzamouranis family?
Read the whole story here> >.

Bio Oliven Familienpackung
New photography olive oil

Greek delicatessen

Greece is still an agricultural country and traditional Greek cuisine is rich in vegetables, legumes, cheese from goats and sheep and of course olives and olive oil.
Olive oil is the universal ingredient of Greek cuisine:
For cooking, frying, deep-frying, vegetable dishes, salads, marinade for meat and even for baking cakes and biscuits.
Many families even in Athens still own olive trees in their villages of origin and thus cover their own needs.

All in all, Greek agriculture is not very industrialised, partly due to the topographical peculiarities.
The quality of the products is correspondingly high.
The climatic conditions - lots of sun, little frost - contribute to this.

The fact that Greece has a large number of extremely high-quality agricultural products to offer is only slowly being recognised here.

We are trying to do our part.

Gabriele E. aus Bremervörde

(Oliven) — Oel ist hervorragend!! Konzept hat uns begeistert!
Bestellen immer wieder gern!!

Einfach toll…die Idee, das Konzept, der Name, die Überzeugung die dahinter steckt.…jetzt wird probiert und ich denke, ich werde nicht enttäuscht!

Produkte und Lieferung wie immer Top!

Orga­nic Certification

Yes Yes No

Kind of Olive

Koroneiki Koroneiki Koroneiki

Qua­li­ty Class

Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin


From our own grove From our own grove From local farmers in Andania

Matu­ri­ty Level 

Unripe Olives (called the “Agouréleo”) Ripe and Unripe Olives Ripe Olives

Har­ve­s­ting Method

Hand-harvested Hand-harvested Harvested with tools

Tree Age

Very old
(500-1000 years old)
Old and young
(30-400 years old)
Old and young
(30-400 years old)


0,19 % 0,35 % 0,5 %


Green Green-Yellow Green-Yellow

Pro­ces­sing Method

Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA) Cold extraction (processing by centrifuge. 2-phase separation decanter- GEA)

Pro­duct Container 

High quality bottle produced by the company Mironglas,
Ultra Violet Glass
Black and white tin canister,
BPA free
White and white tin canister,
BPA free


First extraction of the year in the oil mill,
High Polyphenol content,
Limited edition,
Artistic design by Dimitris Tzamouranis,
Gift Box
Awarded twelve times at the most important olive oil competitions in the world Part of the proceeds will go back to social projects in Greece

Pur­po­se of Use

Salads, dips, cold Dishes Salads, cold dishes, roasts, cooking, dips Cooking, frying, deep-frying