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Weiße Bohnen mit Paprika (Gigantes), 250 g

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Die klassische griechische Vorspeise "Gigantes"- dicke weiße Bohnen in roter Soße, hier in einer Variation mit Paprika Florinis.
Die weißen Bohnen werden an den herrlichen Prespa-Seen an der Nordgrenze Griechenlands angebaut, die Paprika stammt von der Familie Naoumidis am Vergoritida See.
In der Manufaktur von Naoumidis wird beides zu einer herrlichen traditionellen Vorspeise kombiniert, die warm oder kalt genossen werden kann. Wir finden sie lauwarm am besten!

Friendly manufacturer

Naoumidis - pointed peppers from Makedonia / Greece

Why Naoumidis?

We first came into contact with Naoumidis through a good friend whose family comes from Agios Panteleimonas on Lake Vergoritida in northern Greece. Here the Naoumidis family has their pepper fields, their restaurant and the factory.

As soon as we tried the first of the Naoumidis products, we were hooked. It was immediately clear: this would be the first supplier for OEL&friends!

And with each new product our enthusiasm increases.

It's clear: love and mindfulness are at work here and first-class raw materials are involved.

Naoumidis - pointed peppers from Makedonia / Greece

Home-grown peppers

Two fruits are characteristic of the Lake Vergoritida region: wine (PDO Amynteo) and the pointed pepper Piperia Florinis.
The region's dry microclimate, with cold nights and hot summer days, contributes to the aromatic, sweet taste of the regional peppers.
Grows in the organically farmed fields of Naoumidis
mainly the local, seed-resistant variety Piperia Agios Panteleimonas Florinis. The first ripe fruits of the season provide the seeds for the next season. The family pays particular attention to preserving these seeds.
Planting, harvesting and weeding are done by hand and fertilization is purely organic.

Naoumidis - pointed peppers from Makedonia / Greece

Processing the peppers

The processing plant is right next to the fields. This means that the fruits are not damaged during transport and can be processed freshly harvested immediately.

And you can taste it straight away!

Naoumidis manufactory products are based on old recipes passed down from generation to generation, which are interpreted and refined in a modern way.
In the factory, which opened in 2007, traditional processing methods and state-of-the-art facilities mesh perfectly: all fruits are peeled by hand, grilled on charcoal, smoked with wood and gently processed.

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