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Spicebar - Italian topping with oil dust

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Mediterranean spices

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Our OIL dust in action - and how!
This spice preparation contains everything you need to top and refine Mediterranean dishes: whether antipasti, tomato-mozzarella, risotto or bruschetta - this hearty topping with oil dust, fine fried onions and organic Mediterranean herbs and spices turns every meal into a Mediterranean one in no time. aromatic delicacy.

Friendly manufacturer

Spicebar - spices from all over the world

Spice bar from Berlin

Like OEL, Spicebar was founded in Berlin in 2015. And similar to us
While we have dedicated ourselves to the world of Greek olives, the founders of Spicebar have dedicated themselves to the spices of the world.
Everywhere you feel the best organic spices directly from small farmers,
Farm cooperatives and wild collectors.
And they give some of their success back to the regions, for example
with the construction of a school on a partner farm in Cambodia.

The fresh spices from Spicebar are made in Berlin with small historical ones
Spice mills gently grind, roast, mix and fill into beautiful tinplate tins.

Spicebar - spices from all over the world

OIL dust in action

In the Melting Pot Berlin, our oil dust met the spice bar, and the result was something that was significantly more than the sum of its parts.
Two wonderfully spicy mixtures that taste of sun, sea and mountains:
- Italian topping with oil dust
- Pizza & pasta magic with oil dust

We have also selected for you the souvlaki seasoning and Malaka - Greek seasoning , a special mixture for die-hard garlic fans.