Ship­ping & payment

The pri­ces on the pro­duct pages inclu­de sta­tu­to­ry VAT and other pri­ce components.

We only deli­ver to EU coun­tries. Deli­very is exclu­si­ve­ly with DHL.

up to 499g 4.47EUR

500g — 1500g 5.62EUR

1501g — 4000g 6.89EUR

4000g — 5000g 9.76EUR

Ship­ping wit­hin Ger­ma­ny is freefor orders worth €80 or more.

Buy­ing a 5000ml canis­ter at our wareh­ouse inclu­des a 5,00€ discount.

You can pay with Klar­na, Stri­pe, PayPal, or on account.