OEL 100 ml B‑stock


You’ll find all the pro­ducts from OEL, OEL’s 3 Gin, and A here, whenever avail­ab­le! 15% dis­count. Why? It’s simp­le: some­ti­mes our can­nis­ters recei­ve a litt­le ding here or the­re during their long jour­ney, some­ti­mes our labels are prin­ted or glued incor­rect­ly. We can’t sell the­se pro­ducts to retailers, but we can offer them to our regu­lar cus­to­mers. Plea­se note: the pro­duct faults rela­te pure­ly to the pack­a­ging. Pro­ducts with dama­ged or faul­ty pack­a­ging are still gua­ran­te­ed to be pro­per­ly sea­led and leak-proof.