with Dimitris Tzamouranis


Top class Greek extra virgin olive oil

ZOE is the limited artist's edition of a very special olive oil from Greece.
This fine olive oil, so-called Agouréleo, is considered a particularly valuable and expensive specialty in Greece. It is made from not quite ripe Koroneiki olives.
The oil is green, naturally cloudy and very aromatic.


The history of the Tzamouranis family

The story of ZOE begins with the Tzamouranis family in Kalamata in the Peloponnese. The joint work of father Dimitris Tzamouranis and son Amadeus Tzamouranis combines the knowledge and heritage of grandma Anthoula and grandfather Sotiris.

This olive oil is the quintessence of the Tzamouranis family.

ZOE combines the love of olive cultivation and good oil with a love of art.

Grandmother Anthoula in the olive grove.

Grandma Anthoula owns, maintains and manages the olive groves of the Tzamouranis family. Through her, the grandson Amadeus Tzamouranis discovered his love for olive oil at an early age. Eventually he became the owner of an olive grove himself and founded OEL with friends.

Anthoula is of course an excellent cook and knows 1001 uses for her pure extra virgin olive oil.

There is still a treasure trove of traditional Greek recipes to be discovered.

Stay tuned!


Grandfather Soterios Tzamouranis passed his love of art over to his son Dimitris.

At first he had only painted in his spare time. But after an exhibition in Piraeus, which sold out, he gave up his mechanical engineering job and made art his profession.

Until recently he provided the family with fresh fish, which he fished at night and in the early morning hours off the coast of Kalamata.

The hours spent alone on the night sea shape his understanding of art and life.


Dimitris Tzamouranis was born in Kalamata in 1967. He first studied painting and printmaking at the University of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. From 1990 he continued his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since then, he has dedicated himself to figurative painting.

Today he enjoys a remarkable reputation and is represented by the Michael Haas Gallery in Berlin.

Dimitris Tzamouranis' painting Decameron now adorns the ZOE bottle and gift box.


tzamouranis familie

ZOE is self-produced, certified organic, extra virgin, from 100% Koroneiki olives
The trees in ZOE's grove are several hundred, sometimes over a thousand years old.


ZOE 500 ml – artist's edition



Oil and art?


The focus of the painting Decameron by Dimitris Tzamouranis is his youngest daughter Zoe ("life"). The picture bears its title in reference to Bocaccio's Il Decamerone, the famous collection of novellas from the 14th century.

This painting celebrates the fullness and richness of life surrounded by nature.

What could be more appropriate for this oil?


For a special edition of ZOE limited to 100 pieces, Dimitris Tzamouranis made an etching with the portrait of his daughter Zoe, colored it and signed it.

This special edition is available on request by email: amadeus@oel-berlin.de

ZOE is particularly rich in high-quality ingredients.

Here, quality is far more important than quantity. The early harvest and the old age of the olive trees result in a low yield. The trees form only few inflorescences, but then put their centuries-old strength into the fruit. A feat of strength that is reflected in the intensity and special flavor of this top-class olive oil.


Bottle and box

exklusive olive oil

In order to protect the high-quality premium olive oil from ZOE in the best possible way, we decided on a bottle made of Miron violet glass.
Violet glass reliably shields the harmful rays of visible light. This preserves the precious ingredients for a long time.
In addition, Miron glass allows light of wavelengths between 380 and 420 nanometres (violet and UVA frequency) to penetrate 25%-45% and between 730 and 1050 nanometres (infrared frequency) to penetrate about 60%.
There are those who say that this is particularly beneficial for natural products.

olive oil-art

We deliver the bottles in a high-quality gift box.
The highlight: this box opens like an altar. On the inside you will find a section of Dimitris Tzamouranis paintings as well as all the important information about our olive oil.


The almost black bottle made of violet glass by Miron and the gift box are printed with a painting by Dimitris Tzamouranis. Our premium olive oil ZOE is pure (100% Koroneiki), self-produced, organically certified, extra virgin. It comes from a grove of trees that are several hundred, sometimes even over a thousand years old.


ZOE 250 ml – Art and OEL