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Contrary to a myth that is widespread in Germany, olive oil, including cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, is very suitable for cooking and frying.
You can even use healthy olive oil instead of inferior, refined frying oil for deep-frying.

This is not only delicious, but also much healthier.

Here we'll tell you what you should pay attention to when using virgin olive oil for frying.

Healthy cooking with olive oil

Olive oil is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and is traditionally used for cooking, roasting and deep-frying.
Anyone who regularly uses cold-pressed or cold-extracted olive oil for cooking is doing something good for their health. Because olive oil is considered one of the healthiest fats in the world.

In this country, extra virgin olive oil is usually only used to flavor salads, dips, soups or vegetable dishes.

On the other hand, natural olive oil is also suitable for frying. Because you can easily heat it up to around 180 °C.

Virgin olive oil is really versatile in the kitchen. With it you can:

  • Dress the salad
  • steam
  • braise
  • Fry gently
  • and even deep fry

Virgin olive oil for cooking: tips and tricks

  • Under no circumstances heat the olive oil in a closed pan
  • Avoid the smoke point. For virgin olive oil, this is around 190 °C. At this temperature the oil decomposes. Not only does this result in irritating fumes, but it also causes your food to have a bitter taste.
  • You can avoid splashes if you dab your food well with kitchen paper before putting it in the pan.
  • When using olive oil, you have to pay attention to the right temperature: vegetables, tender meat, fish and potatoes should only be fried at moderate heat. The oil is at the right temperature when you hold a piece of bread in it and small bubbles bubble up.

Recipe: Patates Tiganites – Greek style fries


  • Potatoes (floury ones also work very well)
  • olive oil
  • Salt
  • a little rosemary or grated Mizithra cheese to taste

Peel the potatoes and cut them into finger-thick wedges. Heat plenty of olive oil in a deep pan. The correct temperature is reached as soon as a drop of water in the oil begins to hiss.

Carefully add the raw potato wedges to the olive oil. Fry, turning occasionally, until the potatoes begin to brown slightly. Remove the potatoes from the oil, drain in a colander or on kitchen paper, season with salt and serve immediately.
Depending on your taste, the Patates Tiganites can be sprinkled with a little rosemary or with grated Mizithra cheese.

Nothing beats this flavor combination of potatoes and good olive oil!

Are you looking for a good olive oil for cooking, frying or refining your dishes? Then take a look at our shop . There you will find our uniquely delicious Koroneiki olive oil from Greece in a variety of sizes.

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