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“OEL Berlin. At first glance, the three men don't have much in common, apart from the headgear and a bushy beard. A Berliner, a half-Greek and an Italian are the heads of the still young company, which is preparing to establish its excellent organic olive oil from Greece in organic markets and restaurants across Europe. You are well on your way. They are currently producing a good 100,000 liters of the green gold in organic quality. They owe this to their spirit of discovery, their creativity and Grandma Anthoula.”
The highway continues into the Messinia region, 30 minutes by car from Kalamata are the municipalities of Meligalas and Andania. At the beginning of December, the best organic quality oil is pressed from the olives from over 5,000 trees between the ages of 15 and 1,000 years.
“This is due to the lush fruit of the Koroneiki olive from Messenia, which is contoured by a fresh, green impression and to a sweetness distilled as if from hay, which easily stands up to mild spiciness.”