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Ama­de­us Sote­rios Her­bert Tza­mou­ra­nis
Simo­ne Arta­le
Cla­ra Paul 


Ama­de­us Sote­rios Her­bert Tza­mou­ra­nis
Tele­pho­ne: 030 47496519

Simo­ne Arta­le

Cla­ra Paul




Legal form:

Limi­ted Lia­bi­li­ty Com­pa­ny & Co. KG (Gesell­schaft mit beschränk­ter Haf­tung & Co. KG)
Com­mer­cial regis­ter ent­ry: HRA 56584 B
District Court Ber­lin-Char­lot­ten­burg
VAT ID: DE331439504

Tha­las­sa GmbH & Co. KG, as a con­tent pro­vi­der in accordance with Sec­tion 7 Para­graph 1 of the Tele­me­dia Act, is respon­si­ble for its “own con­tent” that is made avail­ab­le for use on our web­site under gene­ral law. A dis­tinc­tion is to be made bet­ween this own con­tent and cross-refe­ren­ces (“links”) to con­tent pro­vi­ded by other pro­vi­ders. Through the cross-refe­rence, I Tha­las­sa GmbH & Co. KG makes “third-par­ty con­tent” avail­ab­le for use. This third-par­ty con­tent was che­cked when the link was first set to deter­mi­ne whe­ther it would trig­ger any pos­si­ble civil or cri­mi­nal lia­bi­li­ty. Howe­ver, it can­not be ruled out that the respec­ti­ve con­tent may be chan­ged sub­se­quent­ly by the respec­ti­ve pro­vi­ders. Tha­las­sa GmbH & Co. KG does not con­stant­ly check the con­tent to which it refers in its offer for chan­ges that could give rise to new respon­si­bi­li­ty. If you are of the opi­ni­on that the lin­ked exter­nal pages vio­la­te app­li­ca­ble law or con­tain other­wi­se inap­pro­pria­te con­tent, plea­se let us know.

For out-of-court sett­le­ment of con­su­mer dis­pu­tes, the Euro­pean Uni­on has set up an online plat­form (“OS plat­form”) that you can con­ta­ct. You can find the plat­form at http://​ec​.euro​pa​.eu/​c​o​n​s​u​m​e​r​s/odr/. Our email address is:

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