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Gourmet-Bestseller-Kit Sale price€80,00 Regular price€94,80
Save 13%
Cocktail Abend - Kit
Cocktail Abend - Kit Sale price€38,00 Regular price€43,50
Save 12%
Fresh! OELiven with stoneFresh! OELiven with stone
Fresh! OELiven with stone Sale price€19,36 Regular price€22,00(€26,89/kg)
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OELive starter kit
OELive starter kit Sale price€22,00 Regular price€25,00(€32,35/kg)
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Olive love
Olive love Sale price€36,26 Regular price€41,20(€24,17/kg)
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OIL dust setOIL dust set
OIL dust set Sale price€17,16 Regular price€19,50(€81,71/kg)
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OEL Essential Kit
OEL Essential Kit Sale price€19,36 Regular price€22,00
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Irresistible savings kit
Irresistible savings kit Sale price€48,31 Regular price€54,90
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24 x OIL 100 ml
24 x OIL 100 ml Sale price€94,08 Regular price€117,60(€39,20/l)

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