Extra virgin olive oil from Andania / Greece

A! 500 ml - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Hand-harvested, pure & fair

Fruity taste

From rural agriculture


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➤ Extra virgin olive oil from Greece
➤ Highest quality standard, only from olives
➤ Cold extracted (< 27° C)
➤ Acidity <0.8%
➤ Perfect all-round oil for the kitchen - also for cooking and frying
➤ 1/2 liter in a recyclable tin canister (BPA non intent)
➤ Best before: March 8, 2024

The Koroneiki olives for A! come from groves of various farmers in the municipality of Andania in the Peloponnese. They are grown on farms and harvested by hand.
The olive oil is cold extracted in the Ilias oil mill and immediately filled into stainless steel tanks in the absence of air.

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Koroneiki olives


from Andania / Peloponnese / Greece


gently cold extracted

frequently asked Questions

Comparison of OEL, A! and olive oil from the supermarket

What promises A! Extra virgin olive oil?

A! Extra virgin olive oil is more expensive than supermarket olive oil. Why we show you here:



Supermarket olive oil

Cultivation method

Peasant agriculture

Organic farming


Olive variety



Not declared, mostly waste


Native Extra

Native Extra



From farmers in Andania

From our own grove


Our purity law

This is how we ensure the purity of our olive oil

For a! We only use extra virgin olive oil from olives

For a! We only process Koroneiki olives.

Harvesting is done by hand with minimal use of equipment (e.g. electric
driven vibrating rakes or studded rollers for destemming)

The A is extracted! Extra virgin olive oil under our supervision in a state-of-the-art oil mill that works with decanter centrifuges. These systems are easier to clean than traditional oil presses.

About A! Andania


With the brand A! We want to ensure that neither people nor nature are exploited throughout the entire chain, from the farmer's soil to your plates.
Where this may not yet be possible, we work with them
producers to achieve this goal.

That's why it's important to us that we offer fair prices to you
Producers pay. Because quality and fairness, sustainable cultivation and
sustainable business and improvements in the manufacturing process
cannot be achieved with discounter prices.

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About A! Andania

Social responsibility

We feel responsible, also for the region. Therefore, some of the total value added should flow back into the region.

We want to actively support the regions from which our products come -
through the return of parts of the profits for the benefit of nature and people. We support regional social initiatives or nature conservation projects.

Hardly anything threatens people's well-being today more than the destruction of the environment. Therefore belong to us
Social and ecological issues are closely linked.

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About A!

Excellent from the Mediterranean

The heart of A! beats on the Mediterranean. A! sells hand-picked delicatessen from the Mediterranean region.

With A! We offer excellent quality by selecting our delicatessen products and foods with the utmost care. First and foremost is this
personal contact with the producers. We are very close to the farmers and the producers. We know the business premises and the
The manufacturing process of our products from our own experience.

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