Art and early harvest olive oil - special!

OEL Zoe 250 ml – Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from early harvest

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Hand-harvested, pure & fair
of thousand-year-old trees

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➤ Early harvest extra virgin olive oil
➤ Organic cultivation
➤ Pure: 100% Koroneiki olives
➤ Cold extracted (< 27° C)
➤ Acidity < 0.5%
➤ Intense taste of fresh grass, nuts and citrus fruits
➤ 1/4 liter in a bottle made of Miron violet glass (best light coverage)

An excellent olive oil of the highest quality.
The Koroneiki olives for OEL ZOE come from an olive grove at Ilias in Andania, whose trees are 500 years old and older. The olives are harvested in an unripe state before the general harvest - of course, gently by hand. This gives OEL ZOE a very intense aroma.
Immediately after the harvest, the olives, the first of the season, are cold extracted in Ilias' oil mill.
The gift packaging was designed with a work by Amadeus' father, the artist Dimitris Tzamouranis.


Cold extracted - grade extra virgin


Koroneiki olives from organic farming


harvested gently by hand

Why OEL Zoe is a top-class olive oil

Because this olive oil is extracted from unripe olives from very old trees, the yield is lower than usual. An early harvest means that quantity is subordinated to quality. And the age of the olive trees also plays a role. These trees only produce a few inflorescences, but then put their centuries-old power into the fruit. A feat of strength that is second to none and is reflected in the special flavor intensity of this top-class olive oil.

London International Olive Oil Competition 2020

1x silver – 2x bronze

Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2020

1x silver

EVO International Olive Oil Contest 2020

1x silver

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2020

2x bronze

The story of the Tzamouranis family

Who is Dimitris Tzamouranis?

The story of ZOE begins with the Tzamouranis family in Kalamata in the Peloponnese. The joint work of father Dimitris Tzamouranis and son Amadeus Tzamouranis combines the knowledge and legacy of grandma Anthoula and grandfather Sotiris.

This olive oil is the quintessence of the Tzamouranis family.

Because ZOE combines the love of olive cultivation and good oil with the love of art.

Dimitris Tzamouranis was born in Kalamata in 1967. He initially studied painting and printmaking at the University of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. From 1990 he continued his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since then he has devoted himself to figurative painting.

Today he enjoys a considerable reputation and is represented by the Michael Haas Gallery in Berlin.

Dimitris Tzamouranis' painting Decameron now adorns the bottle and gift box from ZOE.

frequently asked Questions

Our purity guarantee

This is how we ensure the purity of our olive oil

Own cultivation

ZOE bottles only contain olive oil from a particularly old grove in Andania that has been cultivated according to organic guidelines for many years.

100% Koroneiki olives

ZOE olive oil is pure oil from Koroneiki olives.

Gentle hand harvesting

Harvesting is done by hand with minimal use of equipment (e.g. electrically powered vibrating rakes). This protects birds and the environment.

Ultra-modern oil mill

ZOE is extracted under our supervision in Ilias' state-of-the-art oil mill, which uses decanter centrifuges. This facility meets the highest hygiene standards.