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Organic date chocolate cream from Nara

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➤ Cream made from dates and cocoa - nothing else!
➤ Natural spread
➤ 200g
The basis for this date chocolate cream is a puree made from fresh Mazafati organic dates from the Arabian Peninsula. This fruit puree gives the product its luscious sweetness, while the chocolate mass gives it a stunningly creamy consistency and, of course, what makes this date chocolate cream a real star among chocolate spreads, namely a generous portion of cocoa flavor. And it couldn't be more natural: whole, organically grown cocoa nuts are used for the cocoa mass.

Friendly manufacturer

Nara - date products

Who is Nara?

Nara have been good friends of OEL for a long time. The small family business from Bavaria dedicates itself to dates with incomparable passion and love.
In addition to fresh dates that they import from Tunisia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, they delight us with their incredibly delicious products made from dates, a selection of which we offer you here.

Nara - date products


Dates are an integral part of the oriental diet and have been for thousands of years. They are praised in the Bible and the Koran. They served as a means of payment. They are sweet and healthy.
Dates contain eleven important vitamins, are high in fiber and contain the minerals magnesium and potassium as well as the trace elements copper, iron, fluorine, iodine, zinc, selenium and manganese.

Nara - products made from dates

Products made from dates

Date syrup is an ancient sweetener and dates have always been used as a base or sweetener for other products, but in recent years dates have really taken off as an innovative ingredient in food creations.
We offer the basics syrup, vinegar and mustard because they combine particularly well with our products.