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Bio Feigen aus Kalamata - getrocknet - 250 g

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➤ Feigen aus Bio-Anbau
➤ Aus Kalamata
➤ Getrocknet
➤ Ohne Zusatzstoffe
➤ 250 g

Getrocknete Feigen sind besonders reich an Vitamin B6 und Kalzium (bis zu 1.000 mal mehr als andere Früchte). Außerdem tragen sie dank ihrer Ballaststoffe zu einer guten Verdauung bei. 

Here we bring strictly selected products from friendly manufacturers into play.

About OEL

What does OEL stand for?

We produce our own organic olive oil under the OEL brand and sell excellent and innovative organic olive products.

OEL wants you to be able to buy special Greek organic olive products of the highest quality at fair prices.
OEL sees itself as a direct bridge between producers and consumers, between Kalamata and Berlin.

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About OEL

Harvested intensively by hand

At OEL we harvest intensively by hand. In doing so, we go beyond the requirements of the European organic label.

We carry out all land care and harvesting tasks by hand. Fighting weeds and weeds, cutting the trees, fertilizing the soil, painting the tree trunks with lime paint and harvesting the olives is all done by hand at OEL.

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About OEL

Excellent organic quality from our own cultivation

The olives for OEL grow on our own trees and those of selected organic farmers in Andania/Messenia/Greece.

All groves are harvested by hand. We actively participate in harvesting and production every year.

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